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Editorial / Haute Havana

Amidst the abandoned ruins of La Habana she rei..

How To Budget For Your Honeymoon

Maybe some of you have already been budgeting s..

Bouquet Ideas For The Minimalist Bride

Contemporary minimalism offers a simple aesthet..

Dessert Table Daydreaming

No matter how much you may have eaten, or how f..

Bedtime Rituals For A Calmer Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an absolutely essential aspect of main..

Editorial / Crystalline Dream

She makes a radical break with the past in sear..


L’eto Bridal / Seascape

She is a powerful presence, captured by the unwavering gaze of the thawing sun that leaves her bare to her surroundings. Clothed in confidence, she journeys onw...

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Love Notes

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic - Frida Kahlo



Love Stories

Paul & Lisa / Byron Bay Love Storm

An intimate celebration in the midst of a storm, Paul and Lisa’s Byron Bay wedding was nothing sho...

Marilù & Nicola / A Sicilian Fairytale

Set amongst the dreamy hues of Tonnara di Marzamemi, Marilù and Nicola's wedding embodied a true Si...

Sharon & Andy / Epic Icelandic Adventure

Spectacular sculptural glaciers and a jagged mountainous coastline engulfed by moody Icelandic skies...

Candice & James / Bellmore Homestead

Set in the picturesque Highlands on a Moroccan themed property, Candice the head designer at clothin...

Cibele / A Sicilian Love Affair

Italian photographer Giuseppe Marano captures the raw beauty of the volcanic Mediterranean island of...

Lucienne + Doug / Lake Wonboyn Private Residence

Stationed down by the river, underneath a luscious canopy of green gum trees Lucienne and Doug vowed...

Zoe + Brendan / The Sisters Kitchen Garden Cafe

Beautifully documented by The White Tree, Zoe and Brendan celebrated their modern day romance overlo...

Laura + Shannon / Abbotsford Convent

The classic Elvis ballad Can’t Help Falling In Love chimed softly in the background, as the ever-l...

Eliza + Justin / Newman College Chapel

Newman College Chapel, with its impressive carved gargoyles and Spanish medieval influences was just...

Keeley + Aleksei / Montrose Berry Farm

Keeley’s platinum silk embellished Suzanne Harward gown was a refreshing, modern touch against th...

Kendell + Andrew / Carousel, Albert Park

Melbourne’s teeming city skyline was the backdrop of Kendell and Andrew’s grand day. Soft mint h...

Hayley + Levi / Private Property Wedding

Hayley and Levi’s love story is like something out of a romance novel - a dreamy anecdote you only...