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Yoga 101

Monday 21st September 2015
We chat to yogi and Humming Puppy co-founder Jackie Alexander about establishing a modern holistic yoga practice both you and your partner can impart into your daily lives.
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We’re all guilty of undervaluing our own health in times of stress or hardship, often putting our physical and mental wellbeing on the backburner when anxiety begins to mount. Especially when planning a wedding. We assure you, Humming Puppy is a little sanctuary where you can just stop and be still.

In February 2015 Melbourne couple and co-founders Jackie Alexander and Christopher Koch opened their doors to the public, combining their specialist knowledge and desire to create a different kind of yoga experience.

The experience, Jackie says, “begins the moment you leave the outside world and cross the threshold to take the journey through their Prahran studio.” The Prahran studio is flawless in terms of ultra-modern amenities and attention to detail. Inconspicuous and tucked away in a “non-descript concrete building”, Humming Puppy is a tranquil haven right in the middle of the vibrant Chapel Street Precinct. Earthy stone, brass and wood finishings contribute to the overall luxurious, den-like atmosphere. While soft ambient lighting and a tiered studio layout add to the list of design luxuries the majority of yoga studios lack. Humming Puppy goes over and above our expectations of what yoga is supposed to be, that’s for sure.

A soothing hum quite literally reverberates through the studio.

Chris Daile

Humming Puppy Studio – Prahran, Victoria. Photo: Chris Daile.

“Our rooms actually hum. Our music compositions are immersed with two frequencies that are played during all classes while you practice. The two sounds combined create this sense of feeling grounded yet focused throughout your practice.”

So what’s the hum about? The first composition sits at 40 hertz, which is associated with the gamma brain wave frequency. This frequency is found often in elite athletes and creatives who tend to produce more gamma brain wave when they are in meditative zones. The second frequency we use is 7.83 hertz, which is referred to as the “Schumann resonance” and is the actual frequency of the earth.

Chris Daile

Humming Puppy Studio – Prahran, Victoria. Photo: Chris Daile.

After less than 6 months Humming Puppy has fostered an impressive portfolio of clientele. Each and every one of which would tell you the benefits of practicing yoga. From increasing strength and flexibility, physical and mental stamina to simply finding refuge from the pandemonium of everyday.

“Our holistic attitude to yoga embraces the principles of movement, breath and mindfulness that challenges and calms the body and the mind. This creates a deeper connection to the self and students will find that these principles of practice will flow into their daily lives,” Jackie says.

Chris Daile

Humming Puppy Studio – Prahran, Victoria. Photo: Chris Daile.

Jackie and Christopher have tapped into a yoga concept like no other. “Our classes accommodate no more than 39 students in each class and you can book your mat in every class much like going to the cinemas,” Jackie says. This refuge provides a space for students and teachers to connect and creates an experience for budding yogis that want to go beyond the physical practice of yoga.

Chris Daile

Humming Puppy Studio – Prahran, Victoria. Photo: Chris Daile.

What advice would you give to our brides and grooms who want to be the very best version of themselves on their wedding day?

My advice to the bride and groom would be to be present in each and every moment and enjoy the process of planning a wedding and creating an experience for your guests that they will appreciate for years to come. Don’t get caught up and stressed out by the minor details. Remember to take time out for yourself and get on your mat.

When did you start practicing yoga and why?

I began my yoga practice approximately six years ago. For years it was always something that I had wanted to try but I was hesitant to give it a go. When I finally did and practiced regularly (almost to the point of being obsessed) I fell in love, it made me feel so good. At the time I never really understood the impact it was having on me from a holistic point of view. Everything changed for me from my attitude, to my eating habits and what I saw for myself in the future. I made some pretty big life changes and have never looked back.

Chris Daile

Humming Puppy Studio – Prahran, Victoria. Photo: Chris Daile.

What advice would you give to someone that is thinking of trying yoga for the first time?

Definitely give it a go. Don’t be afraid of what can sometimes come across as a very esoteric practice, have an open mind. Our studio was very much created with the beginner student in mind, which is why we provide pretty much everything you need for your practice from mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and towels in the shala (yoga practice room). And it doesn’t end there, our bathroom and showering facilities are fully equipped with everything you need to get ready for your day from towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryers, straighteners, shower caps and hair ties.

Travel light and leave feeling even lighter after your practice and remember everyone started somewhere and was a beginner once.

What type of classes are on offer at Humming Puppy – Are they suitable for everyone?

At Humming Puppy we have a number of different class on offer that range in intensity. We aim to teach to all levels in all classes and encourage students to practice in a way that honors their needs on the day.

Dynamic Hum: is a high intensity class that incorporates stronger longer holds and advanced postures, this class will make you sweat and challenge both the body and the mind. Beginners are more than welcome.

Unified Hum: is a medium intensity class that is great place for beginners or for those wanting to take their practice at a steady pace. Unified Hum is a2 great middle ground that will allow a deeper understanding of postures and alignment.

Mellow Hum: is a low intensity class that is super chilled and includes slow flows and yin style postures. Don’t be fooled though this class will definitely challenge the mind and the body.

Deepen your Hum: is a workshop style class that changes each month with a focus on a particular element of yoga. These classes allow time for interaction between the student and the teacher and run for 90 minutes.

Monday 21st September 2015

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