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Temple / BO & LUCA

Thursday 30th November 2017
Temple comes as a refreshing take on bridal wear, designed for the woman who lives for the future yet is endlessly inspired by the greats. Launched just this year as the little sister brand to Bo & Luca, Collection 01 debuts a range of floaty dresses that play with a mix of contemporary and vintage design details. Streamlined silhouettes and an air of nonchalance, this first collection dubs Temple a brand for the modern girl, cool and current. Photography by Jessica Aleece, hair by Tony and Guy, and modelled by Annabelle Harrison.
Posted under: wedding-inspiration Tagged: #fashion

Collection 01, Temple by BO & LUCA

Photography: @jessiealeece

Model: @annabelle.harbison

Hair: @toniandguysurryhills

Thursday 30th November 2017

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