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10 Awesome Engagement Gift Ideas

Thursday 20th July 2017
When it comes time to buying for the engaged love birds, it’s important to remove expectation and consider a gift that speaks to what the engaged couple may need or simply enjoy for the fun of it. Whether that’s a plethora of concert tickets, or a fifty-pack cutlery set - we’ve put together a list of fail-safe, unique gift ideas that are equally thoughtful, functional, and a tad luxurious!
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1. Bamboo Bedding, by Ettitude

Whilst you may not be aware of what colour scheme the engaged couple will be opting for in their house, you simply can’t go wrong with a neutral pair of 100% bamboo sheets that are both good for the environment and great for your skin!

2. Gift Box, by Simone LeBlanc

When it comes to hampers and gift boxes, this gal has got it down-pat. With a range of luxury combinations to choose from, these beauties come neatly packaged and give the engaged couple the perfect opportunity to ‘“treat yourself, 2017!”

3. Cube+ Camera, by Polaroid

Engagement is a time of great memories that ought to be captured. The Cube+ Camera by Polaroid is a handy little device that you can take with you virtually wherever you go – be it underwater, or in a hot air balloon. Honeymoon hints?

4. Ceramic Magnets, by Skimming Stones

What better way to display all of the polaroids the engaged couple will be taking than with these adorable ceramic magnets? No matter the decor, these magnets fit right in to any home and are great on their own or as an addition to any engagement gift.

5. Bath Brew, by Page Thirty Three

We’ve all seen these around and the’ve certainly got our attention. These giant tea bags are designed to ‘infuse’ bath time with a sense of relaxation and novel excitement. Perfect as a small but mighty addition to any engagement gift, and sure to bring a smile.

6. His and Her items – Pillowcases and Laundry Bags:

With a bit of research for just the right product, a ‘his and her’ item may be the perfect engagement gift, and not at all as cliché as it sounds. The key? It has to be more than just a novelty; it has to be something they’ll want to use time and time again. These gorgeous pillowslips will suit any home decor and make for a clever and practical engagement gift. Plus, we just love the gold font! For something a little more luxe, these high quality paper bags can be used as laundry or trash baskets and can be labelled for a more personalised touch.

7. Kitchen Tablet Dock, by Stak

There’s nothing better than a neat kitchen, even if it’s just the quiet before the storm! This Tablet Dock will make their lives that much easier, as they read recipes from their tablet and have more room to get creative in the kitchen.

8. Beach Range, by Helen Levi

Purchasing kitchenware as an engagement gift can be a tricky task to conquer, unless you have a clear idea of what theme and aesthetic to go for. This gorgeous range of cups by Helen Levi are handmade in Brooklyn and each slightly unique in their nuanced design. Farewell Fiancé tip: Coordinate with other friends to make a complete set!

9. Pill+ Speaker, by Beats:

For a gift that is sure to impress, opt for a portable bluetooth speaker like this one by Beats. Wherever this speaker goes, good vibes are sure to follow.

10. Watercolour Print, by Francois Henri Galland

Whilst choosing an artwork may be a matter of personal taste, these watercolour prints are perfect for those who wishes to give a subtle and sentimental gift. Capturing the essence of engagement in smudges of love and romance, these neutral-toned prints are effortlessly timeless.

Thursday 20th July 2017