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10 Bridal Shower Ideas You Will Love

Wednesday 16th August 2017
There’s cake, games, and oodles of bunting, but what makes a bridal shower celebration truly unique is when the bride’s personality and passions are embraced in the smallest of details. Here's 10 Bridal Shower ideas you will love.
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1. Have a dress code

Have your guests looking and feeling utterly Pinterest-worthy by giving them the heads up on any specific dress code that you might have in mind. If it’s a backyard party, let them know that stiletto heels are probably not the most ideal shoe of choice. We recommend opting for a dress code rather than a statement theme – if you’ve got a particular style in mind you can bring this to life by allowing the decor to do all the talking. Let the guests know what style of clothing they should wear so that it compliments the overall aesthetic.

2. Use your talents

The key to entertaining is to keep it simple. Have a number of activities up your sleeve but never allow the event to become too busy or structured. A great way to avoid the pressure of planning a memorable and engaging bridal shower is to make the most of your gifts and the talents of those around you. If you have a flair for painting and have a tonne of paint tins laying around the house, have a go at leading a short painting activity where everyone can get involved and laugh at their ‘sun setting over the horizon’ creations. Or if one of the girls has exceptional music taste, ask her if she’d like to put together a playlist and take song requests throughout the day.

3. Make the most of that pool

If your pool is constantly inundated with wayward leaves and unwanted algae, then you’re like the majority of us who love the ‘idea’ of a pool but rarely get around to actually using it. A bridal shower is a great excuse to have a tropical beach party where you’ll get to whip out your one piece and sip a piña colada with your girlfriends. It will also give you a chance to steer clear of the bridal shower activity clichés to opt for some more outdoor games and water sports.

4. Get some advice

A classic bridal shower activity is to gather the girls and ask them to each place their ultimate wedding advice in a hat or box, leaving the bride-to-be with the task of matching each piece of advice to the friend that wrote it. But there’s another great way to get the girls involved and sharing all of their tips and tricks. Try organising a fun little cooking class, lead by all the married women in the room, where they can teach you their go-to recipes (and share some marriage advice along the way). The best part is that you’ve got a meal ready to enjoy once all the wisdom-sharing is complete!

5. Have a donut tower

Cake is always a good idea and we have nothing against a good old fashion slice of mud. But there’s a statement to be made with a fun-filled donut tower. Not only will you have an absolute blast putting the thing together, but your guests will find themselves gravitating towards the tower time and time again, urging to try out a different flavour or filling.

6. Go on a little excursion

Bridal showers are typically held in the home of the maid of honour or the mother of the bride, where there’s ample seating and more importantly, unlimited access to the kitchen. For a more unique take on a bridal shower, take the girls out for a bit of an adventure – be it a trip to the zoo or a casual picnic on the beach. Whilst this may limit your numbers to a smaller, more intimate group of friends, the environment will add to the experience and take the pressure off needing to necessarily ‘host’ the entire event.

7. Classy cocktail making

It’s not uncommon to have activities that involve a little making and creating. A flower crown station is always a good idea because not only do florals add to the decor, but the girls can wear their creations for the rest of the day. What could be better than that? How about having a cocktail making station where you can craft your own gorgeous cocktails to share and enjoy. Have recipe cards ready and let the girls get creative as they mix and match flavours and come up with clever, marriage-inspired names.

8. Wellness Retreat at Home

Being in your pyjamas almost guarantees that your day will be a great one. Add that to being surrounded by your favourite girls and filling your day with health and wellness activities – you’ve got yourself a unique and wholesome bridal shower. Treat your guests to a dose of happiness by offering a range of face mask sheets that rejuvenate and calm the skin, or go all out with a DIY face-mask-making-sesh. Grab your mum’s fitness videos from the 80’s out of the garage and onto the television. Do something that will make you all laugh and leave you feeling just that little bit more nourished.

9. Make a montage of videos

In preparation for a bridal shower, it’s a good idea to gather any childhood photos and mementos that capture the bride’s youth and personality. Whilst speeches are not traditionally expected at a bridal shower, it’s a good idea to honour the bride (and somewhat embarrass her) by displaying a photo montage that the family of the bride can provide a little commentary on. Bad hairdos and unusual fashion choices aside, everyone will enjoy this little addition to the bridal shower fun.

10. Personalise your mugs

It’s fair to say that bridal showers generally consist of a fair amount of cocktail sipping and pinky- raising tea drinking. Enter the conundrum of having to remember which cup is yours in amongst a sea of floral porcelain. A creative solution is to provide each of the girls with a blank white mug or cup and a Sharpie marker. They can draw whatever they like and have fun doing it, keeping in mind that they can take these mugs home as party favours.

Wednesday 16th August 2017