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8 Details You Don’t Want To Miss

Wednesday 14th March 2018
"Don't sweat the small stuff," they say. And sure, you shouldn't get wrapped up in all the details so much that it inhibits your ability to enjoy the bigger picture. However, there are a few unique details you should take into consideration to top off the wondrous occasion that is your wedding.
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1. An Element of Personalisation

This detail may seem superfluous to some. Having something that’s sentimental embroidered or engraved is certainly not a priority by any means, but it does present a unique memento that you will have to cherish for years to come. If the timing and budget allows it, we recommend creating something that’s personal to the bride and groom as a unique detail to elevate the overall wedding experience. This might be a fresh pair of custom kicks with your names embroidered, or a signature cocktail to be served with the canapés. Whatever this element of personalisation may look like, it’s a memorable touch that will surely set you apart.

2. Engage Your Guests

Often weddings can feel like a performance or show, where there’s a distinct degree of separation between the bridal party and the rest of the guests. You can make your guests feel more involved by introducing little details for them to engage with. Whether it’s having a form of confetti to be scattered after the ceremony, or sparkles that your guests can light as you make your exit, these subtle details are a great way to reset the atmosphere and emphasis the collective. Having polaroid or disposable cameras on hand is another great way to engage your guests and create a relaxed dynamic. You’ll find that even guests who haven’t met before will we more than happy to jump in a photo together and strike up a conversation. Plus, these vintage cameras make for the most incredibly flattering photographs!

3. Have a photo booth or backdrop

Photos are a key highlight of any wedding. As much as we’re all becoming increasingly shameless when it comes to our selfie-game, people still appreciate having a designated area where they can unabashedly take photos of themselves and their friends. You can rent a portable Photo Booth with all the novelty accessories that come with it, or go for something more subtle like a floral arbour or fabric backdrop. Having a feature like this indicates to the guests that they have permission go wild with their photo escapades and have fun doing it. It might be a good idea to create a wedding hashtag so that you can revisit some of these memorable photos later.

4. Make the most of those name cards

Name cards serve a very practical and one-dimensional function. They are a necessary detail when it comes to seating arrangements, but their function rarely extends beyond that. Why not have your guests write a sentimental note or word of wisdom on the back of their name card? Guests can write their note at their own pace during the night and deposit the card in a wishing well or stick in the guest book as a quirky alternative. This is a streamlined way of collecting cherished notes from all of your your guests without having them take turns writing in a designed book that almost never makes its way across the entire room.

5. Have an idea of the photos you want to capture

It’s true that some of the best photos are candid, unplanned and capture a sense of authentic spontaneity. However, it’s always a good idea to have an understanding of the kinds of images that you would like to have in memory of your big day. This doesn’t mean having a strict criteria of intense poses and expressions, but rather an idea of the particular theme, mood, location or style that you would like the images to feature. Also think about the people you simply cannot have photos without – your bridal party, parents or particular guests at the wedding. It’s easy to get carried away in the motions of the day and overlook certain photos that you wished had been captured. Clear communication with your photographer is absolutely essential and will help to ensure that you get the photos you want, and then some.

6. Have some time to mingle before the formalities begin

Structure is important, but not when it gets in the way of meaningful catch-ups and precious one-on-one moments with your guests. If you have opted for an intimate celebration or a relaxed outdoor do, then there will be plenty of opportunity to have these moments of mingling. But if you have planned a formal sit-down dinner, you might be not so lucky. Often the bride and groom will find themselves completely overwhelmed by the prospect of connecting with each and everyone of their guests, giving them the attention they deserve. To avoid this potential conundrum, allow yourself a decent amount of time to weave and out of conversation with your beloved friends and family before you enter into all the formalities the evening. This is especially true if you are seating at the bridal table and are seperate from the majority of your guests. Have a set time to take your photos and let the rest of the snapshots be candid ones as you spend the time enjoying the cocktails, canapés and time with your guests.

7. Make a playlist of tracks you want to hear on the dance floor

The first dance is a pinnacle moment of any wedding day and often requires time and energy to decide on the ideal track, let alone any moves you want to learn and whip out on the day. With all this focus on the first dance, it’s easy to overlook the other music that will be played on the night. This is such an essential detail that helps to reinforce the mood or atmosphere you’re after. Spend some time going through some of your all-time favourite tracks and create a playlist that you can come back to for reference. Even if plans change and you don’t end up using it on the night, it’s a great backup plan if all else fails. Look to other playlists for inspiration on some of the classic tunes that should not to be missed. Be open to taking song suggestions from guests whose music tastes you know and appreciate. But be weary of this dominating the fluidity of the music – a curated playlist helps to establish a nice flow from song to song, rather than abruptly changing between disparate musical styles.

8. Sneak away from the party, even just for a moment

They say the best way to experience your wedding day is by taking a series of mental snapshots. The day will pass by in a flash, this is the unavoidable truth. So it’s wise to allow yourself a few moments throughout the day where you can escape the party and simply remain whole-heartedly ‘in the moment’ with your husband or wife. The photo session is often a great opportunity for this, but it can often become stressful in itself, trying to coordinate with your bridal party and the photographer. No, I’m talking about moments where it’s just you and your spouse and not a care in the world. On the way to the reception or immediately following the ceremony – whenever you catch a moment alone together, don’t let it pass you by.

Wednesday 14th March 2018