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Abandoned Beauty

Sunday 28th February 2016
Buried under soot and engulfed by a dense profusion of plant life, nondescript buildings and places of worship remain, waiting to be rediscovered. Everything is impermanent and the fragility of a decaying facade is hauntingly beautiful. Opposed to the austere, linear characteristics of modern architecture, we look to buildings which have succumb to time and weather for style inspiration.
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We’ve dedicated an entire mood board to the ephemeral aesthetic of timeworn treasures and uninhibited buildings teeming with life and character. Here’s how to incorporate this theme in to your wedding day.

Location Inspiration:

New Orleans, Italy, Mexico, Spain

Design Features:

Disintegrating facades, hidden doors, white wash walls and exposed brick

There is an artistic resonance and understated beauty in abandonment. Crumbling from the inside out, memories of the past echo as the eccentric history from each structures’ heyday stain the faded watercolour walls. An unanticipated sense of opulence and romanticism are unearthed in the beautifully coincidental cracks and crevasses and the tarnished staircases, winding precariously from floor to ceiling like a potbellied serpent.

Viewed as the centre of Catholicism, Italy plays host to some of the most beautiful weathered and superbly antiquated churches in Europe. Let the minuscule parish churches located on Italy’s rustic staid landscapes and the pelagic foothills of quaint fishing villages inspire your style. Time-honoured urns exposed to sea spray and sun make the most ornate decorations, while beaten down doors striped of their paint can be transformed into exquisite alter centrepieces.

Vacant and derelict, the streets of New Orleans are a visible and long-standing example of artistic expression. Dilapidated chimney pots,  gnarled footpaths and hidden passages pay homage to the city’s enchanting urban decay. Recreate the look by juxtaposing contemporary light fittings alongside a peeling wall. Gold highlights and raw metal accents reflect the splendor in decay.



Sunday 28th February 2016