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Aisle Ready Skin

Friday 1st July 2016
Stress and exhaustion can play havoc with your complexion and radiant wedding-day skin can often take as much planning and preparation as your wedding. For all of those newly anointed brides-to-be out there, follow these simple pre-nuptial steps to achieve lust-worthy skin from head to toe.
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It’s no secret that we all covet incandescent skin. A smooth, buttery complexion that radiates beyond just the surface is almost every brides mantra. Recently we caught up with Gry Tømte, Director of HÜD Skin + Body (Gry was  recently named on Urban List as Top 2 in Melbourne for Brow Design), to canvass her knowledge on skincare and how to achieve that pre-wedding glow.

After moving to Australia, Norwegian born Gry found out first hand how the effects of differing climates, water and environmental changes had on her skin. “When I got married I was suffering from grade 2 acne – not the worst but the hardest acne to treat. It consumed my entire being. It also led me to find an effective solution to this devastating skin disorder.”

What are five essential steps to achieving glowing skin?

1. Get assessed by a qualified skin therapist so that they can give you a treatment and home care plan.

2. Take a minimum of four EFA’s (essential fatty acid supplements) a day. They will reduce your stress levels, balance hormones, and create a nice, supple healthy skin barrier. We stock the best Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 on the market – DMK Essential Fatty Acid.

3. Exfoliate – but not with the old and tired apricot scrubs. They are actually like little shards of glass and scratch the surface of your skin, creating more inflammation. Instead look for a gentle AHA exfoliant or, our favourite, the Foamy Lift and Exoderma. It is a home version of our famous Enzyme Therapy and has many fans, including the gorgeous former Miss Universe, Olivia Wells.

4. Avoid diary. Dairy is high in growth factors and while it’s great for beautiful little calves, it’s not so great for your skin. The growth factors in dairy increase 5 alpha reductase, which again causes increased inflammation and excess sebum production. Dairy is a definite no go zone for brides to be.

5. Get your beauty sleep! During sleep your skin regenerates and heals. By the way, going to bed without cleansing your skin ages you seven nights in one night.

How far out from your wedding should you start thinking about your skin (seriously..!)?

We suggest at least six months if you can, that way we can work out an ETA. In some cases we will send you away with a home care prescription to get your skin prepped for treatments closer to the date. In others, we will start a full treatment plan straight away. Having a clear goal in mind is helpful – sometimes the things you focus on is not what we see.

Planning a wedding is quite a tumultuous time. What kind of effects does stress have on our skin?

Stress is one of the most underestimated factors in skin health. The increased cortisol level leads to higher sebum production and again that highly inflammatory state, which is the last thing a bride needs (hello pimples, eczema and flare-ups!). We actually created HÜD with this in mind.







Friday 1st July 2016

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