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A gentleman’s guide to bow ties

Monday 21st September 2015
The classic bow tie is an exemplary facet of the stylish modern man’s wardrobe. It is what embodies the suit and reinstalls bourgeois notions of what a powerful man looks like; productive, industrious and successful. There is simply no reason why one cannot integrate the humble bow tie in to their black tie, white tie or cocktail wedding attire.
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We look to claim back this particular item of clothing which has since become synonymous with the quintessential hipster uniform (and avoid reliving any cumbersome moments from your senior dance), by reigniting the pure and understated elegance of a well dressed man in a tailored suit.

Melbourne bow tie fiends, That Dapper Chap draw inspiration from the abstract, urban landscape. The sweeping prospect of Melbourne’s effervescent city and the life that inhabits it. Through their keen eye for style, these astute craftsmen and craftswomen aspire to restore the tradition of hand tying bow ties – a tradition that has not only been lost as an art but as an earnest moment shared between a father and son.

The modern gentleman’s guide to wearing a bow tie

1. Attending a beach wedding? Ditch the suit jacket and pants. Put on a pair of fitted khakis and roll up your long sleeved plaid shirt.

2. Match your bow tie the same way as you would match your necktie.

3. If you are brave enough to wear a bow tie there is simply no need to scream it. Keep your palette cool and subtle. If you have to ask someone if your outfit is too loud, it is.

4. There are 3 basic types of bow ties: the self-tie, the clip-on and the pre-tied tie. Putting it simply, no dignified man should go for the ready-made variety. The self-tie reigns supreme (always).

All tied up – How to tie a bow tie

A simple 9 step guide to tying your bow tie, That Dapper Chap way.

A simple 9 step guide to tying your bow tie. Photo: That Dapper Chap.

We managed to catch up with the team behind That Dapper Chap in-between running their stall at Melbourne’s Rose St. Artists’ Market and working from their studio in Hawthorn. Here’s what they had to say:

What trends are you noticing in men’s wedding attire and grooming?

Trends in men’s wedding attire, and women’s too is shifting back to a basic level of beauty; the frills and sequins and shiny materials are not as popular as more tactile fabrics like lace & cotton/jacquard. We love that bow ties are making a comeback too! Bow ties connote both elegance and simplicity. They are underrated accessories that can be really beautiful and personal without being too formal; this is why favour them over neckties.

What defines a ‘dapper chap’?

Imperfection. This is a word we throw around a lot and something that really interests us; bow ties are meant to be uneven, and to be hand tied. A dapper chap is hard to define, as there are so many dapper chaps in our minds and they are all so different. I think a defining factor in each of them is that dapper chaps place a lot of value on quality – quality people, quality products, and quality times.

What influences your designs?

Our city influences us the most. We like that Melbourne is a really tactile place, in a lot of ways. Melbourne’s got a certain feeling about it that connects our team, which is made up of locals and out-of-towners alike. The people, the architecture, the food, the public transport, the city lay out, and the stores . . . it’s all quite distinct in Melbourne. Like other cities we draw inspiration from (our bow ties are named after cities around the world we think they reflect), Melbourne has a vibe. It’s a good one. And we love taking inspiration from it.

How would you describe That Dapper Chap’s aesthetic?

Handmade, but not homespun. Hand crafted, but raw and attainable. We pride ourselves on being one of the most unique makers of bow ties out there, as we’re focused on making bow ties accessible accessories. That is, accessories not gendered and that are just as street-style, as they are formal. Our overall aesthetic is relaxed, smart, and fun.

Monday 21st September 2015