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Arthur Galan

Wednesday 14th September 2016
Arthur Galan has become a much loved and celebrated Australian designer since first launching his eponymous fashion label in 1998. Known for his sophisticated á la mode designs and fastidious attention to detail, each Arthur Galan design is crafted with technical expertise and deliberate design details. We recently caught up with Arthur to learn more about his designs, his 18 year working relationship with wife Mimi and his omniscient advice to men planning their nuptials.
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Walking into his local coffee shop in South Yarra, Galan is warmly greeted by staff with a recognisable smile. We take a seat in the sun filled courtyard to begin our chat where Arthur’s calm and genuine demeanour makes him instantly likeable and familiar. Within moments of our conversation beginning it is evident that Arthur has an unwavering passion and infectious excitement for the life he leads.

Given that his parents and grandparents were both tailors by trade, fashion has always been in Galan’s DNA.  Some of his earliest memories include coming home from school and assisting his parents with their work, “I remember helping with sewing, attaching swing tags and folding” he explains with a nostalgic smile.  Despite this, Galan didn’t always see fashion as the pathway for his own career.  Upon finishing high-school he completed a Commerce degree before deciding to take a job working at a bank.  “My mum didn’t want me to leave the stable banking career”.  There is a sense Arthur’s parents knew all too well the struggles of the rag trade and were cautious of their son following in their footsteps. Inevitably, Galan yearned for a path that would satisfy more than his bank account and with his heart and mind relentlessly beckoning towards men’s fashion, he set off to pursue a career that would fulfill his need for passion and purpose.

Like any new business, the first few years were challenging but that didn’t stop Galan.

“When you love something, it’s never too hard” (like relationships, right?)

Despite the obvious financial risks, Galan courageously opens up a store on Chapel street in South Yarra and it is this move (he believes) that elevated his presence in Australian men’s fashion.

Recently Arthur has stepped back in the store environment, offering personal fittings with grooms-to-be every Saturday at his South Yarra and Doncaster locations. From meeting the client, understanding their personal style, their wedding style, through to showcasing his collection and ensuring the detail of the fit is no less than perfection – it is clear the opportunity to pass on his extensive knowledge is an experience Arthur flourishes in. (And of course would rate high on the memorability factor for the groom-to-be).

When it comes to choosing a suit for your wedding day, Galan recommends investing in a perfectly fitting suit, “you don’t need to be a model figure, but it is important to have a suit that fits you well”.  He emphasises the importance of wearing something that matches your personality, “don’t wear something that is not you, where you’re going to look back at photos (and cringe)”.

If there is one day to indulge in the finer luxuries of life it surely has to be on your wedding day. Galan says you should marvel in the refined detail of the garments you choose to wear.  Beautiful European textiles, a perfectly fitted crisp white shirt with black buttons, styled with a rich velvet bowtie for texture and a lustrous lace up tuxedo shoe.

Popular in the current Arthur Galan collection is a seasonally transcendant black mohair and silk suit (a heavier cloth structured suit), as well as our personal favourite: The Jamie, a classic navy tuxedo with black lapels (pictured in gallery above), a suit that simply oozes gentlemanly refinement and sophistication.

When asked what his secret to a long and successful marriage is, Galan smiles. “You need to be able to have fun with your partner, my wife Mimi has an amazing sense of humour and I absolutely love that about her.”

To book a personal styling consultation to have your wedding suit fitted by the man himself Arthur Galan contact one of his stores directly (Doncaster: 03 9840 7733,  South Yarra: 03 9827 7222), or view the collection online.

Wednesday 14th September 2016