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Trade Secrets: Menswear Autumn/Winter Fabric Trends

Wednesday 6th April 2016
Each year industry leaders, designers and fashionistas alike converge on Paris, Milan and Florence for the most important trade fares in menswear. Farewell fiancé's very own style guru, Carl Navè shares insight in to where some of the biggest menswear trends originate from and how you can incorporate them in to your winter wedding day wardrobe.
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Paris, the home to Premier Vision, showcases colour and fabric trends.  This is where it all starts.  Designers find their inspiration here and determine what we all will be wearing for the coming seasons.  Premier Vision, a French national institution, studies trends across all major categories from fashion to homewares and presents their findings bi annually at what is probably the most significant fashion assembly in the world.

Men’s fashion and textile trends has its very own symposium, twice a year in Milano. Milano Unica presents seasonal textile trends across luxury suiting to technical leisure wear. The largest textile mills in the world along with the niche and the boutique, present their collections to a mob of designers hungry for innovation.  Milano Unica is now expanding into a Chinese market, showcasing in Shanghai twice a year either side of the major Milan bazaar, bringing up to the minute textile trend to some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

The third, and possibly the most famous trade fair amongst men’s fashion aficionados is Pitti Uomo, a bi annual converging of the world’s leading menswear designers and fashion labels.  With a penchant for men’s suiting Pitti Uomo sets the bar for men’s fashion and accessory trends.  One of the most exciting elements of Pitti isn’t just what goes on inside the exhibition walls, but its all the fashion that is displayed by the “Peacocks of Pitti” – the name coined for the immaculately styled attendants and gaggle of followers that like to parade their fashion at the gates of the Fortezza da Basso, the 14th Century fort which is now home to all Pitti exhibitions.

Now that we understand the process of how men’s fashion trends are born, here are a few that I have singled out for the season.  These trends, although very European, are very adaptable to the Australian way of life, and in particular Melbourne.  Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons in Melbourne.  It’s all about layering up and creating texture with pattern and strong, bold colours.  Two of the most prevalent trends at this year’s trade fairs.

Colour trends for the season are rich and deep, drawing on natural and earthy tones with highlights of vibrancy, contrasting colours in plaid weave and blended textures provide a soft and elegant aesthetic.

Menswear fabrications are blended for another layer of texture. Wool and cashmere, the most common for heavier outerwear whilst cotton and wool for shirting and light weight knitwear. Cotton and cashmere corduroy a popular trend from the 1970’s has reemerged as a new option for jacketing and trousers.


Bold pattern and plaid checks married with tweed


Pitti Uomo 891. Photo: pittimmagine.com.

Earth tones – Rich greens, deep reds, stone and blue


Pitti Uomo 891. Photo: Viggo Tailoring.

Overcoats with a touch of colour


Pitti Uomo 891. Photo: pittimmagine.com.

Classic suiting with a bold statement piece


Pitti Uomo 891. Photo: pittimmagine.com.

Braving the chill in soft, natural tones


Pitti Uomo 891. Photo: pittimmagine.com.

Big prints and bold checks


Pitti Uomo 891. Photo: Be Global Fashion Network.

Wednesday 6th April 2016