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The Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Monday 4th April 2016
From exotic locales to peaceful sojourns and everything in between, a honeymoon should include equal parts romance, adventure, culture and cuisine. We’ve put together a list of the most aesthetically exquisite honeymoon destinations in the world and tips on where you should stay.
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St Barts, Caribbean


St Barts. Photo: Courtesy of saintbarth-tourisme.com.

Saint-Barthélemy or St. Barts as the calypso coloured paradise is commonly referred to, is in excess of twenty silver sand beaches of which immaculately groomed women and bronzed men lay unsheathed. The french-speaking Caribbean enclave, said to be the regions most striking island, is infused with a hint of Parisian grandeur. Designer stores line street facades in the Islands tidy capital of Gustavia, while yachts fill the harbour, perched on top of the water in a regal fashion. Locals yield a seemingly hedonistic lifestyle, as glasses of champagne are sipped on the waterfront and ladies of leisure air kiss passing friends bonjour. Unscathed or overrun by hurdles of mass holidaymakers, St. Barts remains a secluded paradise.

Where to stay

Le Guanahani Hotel

Cheval Blanc Saint-Barth Isle de France

Hotel Le Toiny

Eden Rock Hotel

Seville, Spain


Seville. Photo: Bill Perry – Fotolia/William Perry.

Modern Seville is as flamboyant as she is charismatic. Her soul pulsates with energy and her unraveled beauty marries mystery and opulence. Ornamental vines hang from bleached facades and flamenco music reverberates through the Spanish city’s tapered laneways. Seville’s exuberant and inimitable gregarious Andalusian culture is only half of the beauty. Photographs of Roman ruins, tapas and bullfighting, which have become synonymous to this celestial country simply do not do it justice. Seville’s Gothic cathedral and historic bell tower lie at the epicenter of the city, opening one of many doors to the Spain’s nostalgically attractive architecture and timeworn past. Avoid the scorching heat of Summer by traveling either side of August.

Where to stay

Hotel Alfonso XIII

Casa De Carmona


Fez, Morocco


Fez. Photo: Courtesy of Palais Amani.

Fez is an enigmatic blend of old and new. Suspicious scaffolding lines Morocco’s narrow lanes and covered bazaar’s, adjourning the crumbling facades. While, avant-garde hotels are being erected and century-old minarets continue to disappear into a sea of satellite dishes. Tessellated tiles sweep the facades of traditional Moroccan riads, strawberry hued interiors built around quaint courtyards. The pace of the city is reflective of its people, colourful and electric. Aromatic food stands billowing with Moroccan cuisine and ornamental Islamic mosques parade each street corner. While Fez’s main form of transport, the Donkey, basks in the dry sun. Due to Morocco’s location, Fez is influenced by many varied and distinct cultures. African tribal motifs from the Sahara Desert, elaborate Islamic calligraphy and traces of European colonizers stain the Medina’s architecture. Take the time to get lost in Fez. Only then will you fathom the imperial city’s natural, concealed vagaries.

Where to stay

Palais Amani

Rias Fes

Palais Sheherazade 


The Cotswolds, England


The Cotswolds. Photo: Courtesy of Cowley Manor Hotel.

Explore the typically romanticised English countryside on one of many walking tracks weaved in and around the undulating hills of the Cotswolds. Here you will discover an abundance of ancient idyllic limestone buildings whose steeply pitched slate roofs and Jurassic chimney’s have been standing for more than 300 years. The majority of the pastoral villages and story-like guesthouses are located in Gloucestershire, south west of England. Declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966, the Cotswolds remain a testament to the medieval wool trade which bought the area its wealth and glory. On route to your thatched cottage B&B for fresh cream tea, you’ll pass cultivated fields lined with manicured hedges and unspoiled woodlands burnished from the winter. Dry-stone houses and antiquated pubs surrounding the River Coln are entirely asphyxiated by vines, it is a whimsical atmospheric setting to be unveiled with your own eyes.

Where to stay

Barnsley House

Calcot Manor Hotel

Cowley Manor Hotel

Foxhill Manor Hotel


The Whitsundays, Australia


Airlie Beach. Photo: Courtesy of Qualia Great Barrier Reef.

The Whitsundays has all of the makings of a utopian honeymoon, completely cathartic and tranquil. Best explored by boat, this serene coastline made up of 74 islands encapsulates an uninhibited, laid back tempo and languorous lifestyle. Anchor your vessel on the waters edge and enjoy Airlie Beach, on the mainland, from which a foray of premium boutiques and lavish alfresco dinning rooms paint the sidewalks. Sail the seas and slowly wane in to enclaves of cerulean water insulated by mountainous ridges of native green vegetation and fringing sandbanks opening up to hidden caverns and secret hideaways.

Where to stay


One&Only Hayman Island


Puglia,  Italy


Puglia. Photo: Courtesy of Masseria Alchimia

Puglia’s white washed towns and hauntingly beautiful cliff faces will completely beguile you. Renowned as a less populated, miniature Amalfi Coast and constructed on an impressive gorge at the foot of Italy, Puglia is the longest coastline of any region on the mainland. Decaying ancient settlements surround the oceanic city, while locals simply go about their day with an admired insouciance. Scattered baroque-style churches, cafes and shops close at midday for lunch, reopening in the afternoon illuminated by fairy lights laced in neighboring trees. Puglia’s maze-like footpaths journey through the city’s compendium of ornate cathedrals, imposing castles and swimming caves hidden within the rocky terrain of the southernmost tip.

Where to stay

Masseria Torre Coccaro

Masseria Alchimia

Borgo Egnazia


Lake Como, Northern Italy


Lake Como. Photo: Luca Casartelli.

Start your happily ever after in Lake Como – Northern Italy’s most romantic lake district which sits in the shadow of the Alps. Peering through a screen of morning haze, luxurious dwellings doused in wisteria and soaring alpines scatter the forested coastline.  Lake Como is made up of several spectacular lakes, padded by 12th Century city walls and comely cobbled streets. The lakes main town, Como is located where the southern and western shores converge in to an inverted ‘V’. Cosmopolitan towns, Menaggio and Bellagio lie on the western shore –  beautiful locations rife with beautiful people. Sumptuous landscaped gardens and 16th Century Palaces perched on peninsulas serve as a great base for dreamlike exploration and romantic outdoor dining experiences.

Where to stay

Pescallo Residence and Apartments

CastaDiva Resort

Villa Lario


San José del Cabo, Mexico


San José del Cabo. Playa del Amor. Photo: Courtesy of gotbaja.mx.

Don’t confuse San José del Cabo with the wayward ‘sister city’, Cabo San Lucas. San José is an authentic Mexican nirvana constituting of blonde beaches, rich Spanish Colonial architecture, luxury villa rentals and alluring, aromatic boutique eateries. The hidden beach, Playa del Amor is one of Mexico’s rare, natural wonders and vastly different from the dramatic desert scenery of Los Cabos. Enjoy the carefree, nonchalant local scene as you sip on an adventitious sounding cocktail and listen to the admiral coloured ocean roll in against the serrated cliff faces.

Where to stay

The Resort at Pedregal

Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort

One&Only Palmilla



Monday 4th April 2016