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Beauty Trend: Modern Nails

Tuesday 6th February 2018
You have just walked into the nail shop, bridesmaids in toe, and you’re faced with a wall of nail polish overwhelming with options. A French manicure is a classic way to go and looks universally elegant. But here is a prime opportunity to add a subtle accent to your look that’s unique without making a bold fashion statement. Take a note from the runway and experiment with geometrical designs on your nails for a more contemporary spin on bridal beauty.
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Fine Lines

A minimal aesthetic that is reminiscent of the French manicure, geometric designs incorporated as a nail art presents a glamorous albeit subtle way of vamping up the fingertips. It might be something simple and uncomplicated, like a single line that stretches from one side of the nail to the other, or a shorter line drawn at the centre base of the nail. Whatever the shape, fine lines are definitely having their moment, and have a way of beautifully mirroring the natural shape of the nail. Go for a subdued shade like white or charcoal, or something more vibrant like orange or maroon. The chevron shape is also an interesting design that has a unique point of difference from most bridal manicures. For this option, play around with neutral shades and the concept of white space to create an artsy detail to your beauty look.

French With A Twist

A white strip along the top of the nail, a clear coat and your good to go – evidence that sometimes things are best kept simple. But what if we change the colour the strip to something a little more daring like grey or black? Or perhaps we tilt the line so that it travels diagonally instead of horizontally. We are constantly being inspired by unusual appropriations of the classic French Tip that allow for a sense of personality to shine through the smallest of details. If you favour the traditional shape of a French tip but want to experiment sightly with colour, try incorporating gold or rose gold polish to elevate the design. Add a thin line of metallic polish below the white tip to frame the look and add a hint of dimension.

Gradient Colours

There’s nothing more simple and fuss-free than opting for a single nail polish colour. It’s clean, classic and easy to coordinate with members of the bridal party. But when you’re staring at that wall of polish, overcome by the reality of colours you never even knew existed, it’s easy to choose a colour in the moment that you may not have chosen upon reflection. Skip the issue altogether by opting for a range of tonal variations that you can apply to each individual nail. This look may seem somewhat of a statement, but if you keep to subtle colours that vary ever so slightly, the look will remain cohesive and contemporary. If you are more inclined to opt for a duo-tone, ask your beautician for a unique gradient look. The focal colour will fade gently to a base colour, usually white or cream, creating a light and airy feel for your nails.

Tuesday 6th February 2018