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Bouquet Ideas For The Minimalist Bride

Monday 6th November 2017
Contemporary minimalism offers a simple aesthetic, one that's luxurious but without all the bells and whistles. A lover of neutral palettes and crisps lines, the minimal bride opts for a streamlined silhouette and an effortless bouquet, preferring a stripped back style for her big day. The flowers and foliage are a quiet presence, simply enhancing the grace and elegance of her look rather than drawing focus. Although the finished product might appear effortless and casual, we’ll take you through some curated choices and give you the guidance you need to get you there - mine de rien!
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The orchid is one sexy flower. Standing well on it’s own, the orchid is a symbol of elegance and beauty and commands your attention due to its mesmerising harmony of shape and colour. You’ll usually find orchids as an ornamental piece, bringing life into the corner of a living room or hallway. But as any minimal bride will know, there’s profound beauty in the symbolism of an object which can be enhanced by transforming its purpose. Carrying several orchids in a relaxed and cascading bunch will elevate the bride’s outfit and offer a familiar sense of beauty and airiness. Pair the tones of the orchids with your dress colour, ensuring that the focal hue in the centre of the flower corresponds with the undertone of the dress.

Farewell Fiance tip: Add a touch of greenery to your bouquet for a necessary contrast, but be careful not to add too much and risk returning to the 90’s!


The dual tone colouring of the magnolia leaf is what gives the flower its iconic beauty. Waxy green on the top and a subdued brown on the bottom, the magnolia leaf adds dimension and texture to the arrangement, bringing a sense of charm to your minimal outfit. Magnolias are a dramatic piece on their own, but also pair well with berries and snap dragons which offer a sense of geometric contrast to the bouquet. Of course, you can single out the magnolia foliage and incorporate another flower as your focal piece, like a rose, peony or tulip.


The lily family produces a variety of flowers that are unmistakably regal in their appearance. It’s no surprise then that some of the most influential heroines – Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly – opted for an arrangement of lilies for their wedding bouquet. Their lily of choice? The Spring favourite, Lily of the Valley. Simply on their own or delicately placed amidst soft foliage, this gentle flower has a unique bell shape and beautifully complements any minimalist gown for an incredibly feminine look.


We’re huge fans of this contemporary trend and we’re happy to see that it’s sticking around. Foliage bouquets offer so much variety and opportunity to add something unique to your minimal bridal ensemble. Whilst silky white flowers are always a safe bet, varying green shades of foliage help to contrast the neutral tones and texture of the dress. Have fun with this modern look and choose leaves and foliage that best complements your style and aesthetic. Foliage in itself is incredibly minimal because it takes advantage of the raw and uncomplicated beauty of leaves as opposed to the obvious appeal of flowers. Eucalyptus has a visual frosty effect that aligns perfectly with the cooler tones of the fall and wintertime, similar to the greyish tones of olive leaves, another favourite of ours. We recommend playing around with these tonal leaves if you’re planning on having your wedding in the winter. Ferns are light and buoyant so they have a nice movement that adds to an already airy and ethereal bridal look.

Farewell Fiance tip: Avoid overly waxy leaves on their own – try combining these leaves with subtle flowers to soften the look and complement, rather than overpower, your gown.

Monday 6th November 2017