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Oh, the places you’ll go

Monday 21st September 2015
Inspired by Byron Bay’s ambling environment and irrefutable bohemian mystique, we look to Australia’s East Coast for abounding wedding venue grandeur and an overwhelming sense of reprieve and relaxation.
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A beautiful synthesis of cerulean and jade acquire our immediate view as we circumnavigate the contort roads past the small Northern Rivers town of Bangalow. Up, up and around the exalted august hills beyond the Bay we go, towards Cape Byron.

At the easternmost point of mainland Australia, parts of the Pacific Ocean break away and clap in to the rocky face below. The stark white lighthouse that brings so many backpacking vagabonds to Byron each year stands implausibly tall, commanding unsurpassed panoramic views of the slow oscillating sea and green pastures.

Memories of collecting cowries along sandy beaten bush tracks and taking long languid naps on the side of green carpeted hills has us enthralled in a nostalgic, summer rhapsody. Captured by the coastal surf culture and the jovial vibe of the town itself, it’s unsurprising how many seafaring Australian’s travel to this part of the country to recite their vowels.

If there is a wedding occurring in the Byron Bay region, there’s a good chance Che Devlin of Byron Bay Weddings is responsible for orchestrating the event. Responsible for some 200 weddings each year, Che manages 15 unique properties dotted along the coast and buried in the hinterland.

“Ninety per cent of couples who marry in Byron Bay have traveled here from somewhere else. People want a classic Australian wedding and they want to be able to see everything Byron has to offer. One weekend we might be doing a festival-style wedding with tepee’s and bell tents and the next, we’ll be hosting an event with a white marquee and chandeliers.”

On selecting a venue that encapsulates you as a couple, Che says “at the end of the day, you chose each other based on a feeling. Choose everything else based on that feeling too.” Unencumbered by the demands of modern life and enraptured by untamed, authentic wide open space we could not look past Byron View Farm on our itinerant journey through the beachside town.

Put 360 degree views of Hinterland wilderness and an archetypal rustic homestead together and you’ve got Byron View Farm.  Wheeling green scapes, farm animals and this idyllic weatherboard cottage are products of Byron Bay’s unbridled beauty. Thoughtfully designed by Andrea Duff, the cottage itself showcases an eclectic mix of sophisticated homewares and contemporary furnishings. Masterfully styled both inside and out, the cottage maintains neutrality so as to lend itself to any occasion.

The unhampered views, the serenity and the simplicity of this countryside haven has become synonymous with romance. As the silvery sun sets on top of tree lined peaks and Summer’s soft breeze carries the scent of the ocean, it becomes clear why couples are opting to say ‘I do’ here at Byron View Farm.

Monday 21st September 2015