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Cake Walk

Tuesday 7th June 2016
Stress is a natural feeling when planning your wedding. After all, stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Though with these delicious and beautiful cake ideas, you no longer have to worry about feeling the 'S' word anymore.
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“Stressed spelled backwards is desserts”

With great delicacy and fineness, each component of your cake is blended and baked. Professional pastry makers and novice chiefs turned famous on Instagram, are completely re-imagining our favourite symbol of celebration. Architectural peaks of Swiss meringue and round nebula’s of chocolate fudge are just the beginning. We uncover the creative culinary concepts and sugar-laden treats that are taking over our social media feeds of late so you can stress less. Let the cake tastings begin.

1. Marble – Inspired by the growing emergence of Calcatta and Carrara marble designs, this deliciously decadent trend abstains tradition. With homewares, stationary and fabrics replicating the streaked or molted limestone etches of marble, we’re now seeing more and more couples opting to include the design into their wedding cake fondant.

2. Modern flowers Sugared flowers are usually the first delicious decoration to spot on the dessert table. According to Cake Maison, we may soon be seeing “a movement towards the modern age, with techniques such as laser cut effect flowers,” taking the trend to a whole new level in 2016.

3. Magical metallics – “Metallic cakes have been very popular lately, with gold being a firm favourite,” says Betsy Thorleifson of Nine Cakes in New York City. The use of edible metallic luster dust is seriously unbelievable. You’ll want to take a snap of your cake before you eat it, that’s for sure (#ohmygodlookatthiscake).

4. Tradition with a twist –  Despite an obvious shift towards bold cakes in 2016, tradition will always remain fashionable fodder. Injecting intricate detail like embossed piping or royal icing is enough to make anyone think twice about cutting into your cake.

5. The nearly naked cake – Stripped down and bared back, the naked layer cake is refined simplicity at its best. While the cake base might be a little barren, flavour takes precedence. Think velvety sheets of golden-vanilla champagne or salted toffee cream assembled on top of each other, one after the other. The exposed layers of buttercream and its neutral colour palette lends itself to any aesthetic though, naturally, when draped in twines of baby’s breath and an abundance of figs it becomes provincial in nature.

6. Floral decor – “I predict that florals will continue  to be a big trend – bright and bold florals (large statement peonies, roses ect.) and more organic floral arrangements such as climbing flowers with lots of foliage,” says Rosalind Miller of Rosalind Miller Cakes.

By Jessica Newall

Tuesday 7th June 2016