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Cibele / A Sicilian Love Affair

Wednesday 19th October 2016
Sicily, there is not a single ancient civilization who has passed this island not wishing to own it. Mount Etna reminds us of who we are and where we come from, it reminds us that nature creates and breaks everything down at the same time and that it is not possible to control it. Be inspired by the raw emotion and rugged beauty of this volcanic Mediterranean island by Italian photographer, Giuseppe Marano.
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Literature, music and poetry have been trying to shape it, to explain the reason why so many vicissitudes, myths and tales deeply marked its story and to understand how it is possible to stay in such fragile and delicate balance, for ages.

As Bufalino underlines, “there is not a single Sicily, but multitudes of it. We wonder: will beauty ever find the meaning of an alchemy that hides behind invisible particles to the eyes and the rational thought? Human history teaches us it is possible and that it is so thanks to imagination, which leads to a change. This is where the utopistic and the dreamy come from.

It always makes you think twice how a persons character is deeply influenced by the places and the nature they have been living in and the light they go along with. In Sicily places are just like the ones they are lived by: luxuriant, yet desert; light, yet dark; warm, yet freezing. There is a place for each colour, for each soul condition. To grow up at the feet of a volcano like Etna cannot do anything but mark you for the rest of your life.

We exposed ourselves. Together we tried to imagine a future made of bravery and beauty. To these places we devoted our inspiration. We would like to discover a new unconscious, which can give us hope for a better, different tomorrow.

Together they played with the elements the Sicilian land provides everyday: molten, a symbol of the constant renovation of nature and of creation, which turned to rings that mark an eternal link of our souls; narcissus, amazing flowers given by a dry yet rich land; red wine, red like the lava, which covers so many old paths yet marks the latest streets and that lights up the night sky in this triangle of a world where nature surely did not use itself sparingly.

Giuseppe Marano will be in Australia between January and March 2017 and has limited availability to shoot client weddings. This truly is an incredible opportunity to work with one of the greatest documentary wedding photographers inspiring us. Anyone interested in working with Giuseppe while he is in Australia should get in touch with him via his website.

Documentary Photography: Giuseppe Marano

Documentary Film: Your Sunny Days

Hair and Make Up: Cinzia Budigna

Bride’s gown: Anna Fucà

Groom’s suit: Otto Marchesi / Massimiliano Donnarumma

Prop Styling: Diverso Event Design


Wednesday 19th October 2016