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Cool, famous couples over time

Friday 23rd October 2015
For a romantic at heart there is nothing more thrilling than watching two undeniably cool characters fall into an even more undeniably cool relationship. From presidents and first ladies of the fifties, to actors and models of the nineties, here are our top eleven pairings of cool and famous couples from over time.
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Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall


Photo: Getty Images / Hulton Archive.

Bogey and Bacall met on the 1943 set of To Have and Have Not, and when forty-four year old Humphrey asked nineteen year old Lauren to write her phone number on a matchbox, the love affair began. From one of the most passionate on screen kisses the instantaneous connection was there and they were married a year later, together creating four films, parenting two children, and leaving behind countless instances of their romance as Hollywood’s golden couple.

John & Jackie Kennedy


Photo: Fine Art America.

John and Jackie Kennedy were the epitome of style, elegance, and power as a couple even before the Kennedy presidency. Jackie met John at a dinner party in 1952 when he leant over the asparagus and asked her for a date, they were married a year later in 1953. During John’s campaign a pregnant Jackie stayed at home and worked tirelessly to support her husband, doing interviews, writing columns, as well as being the ultimate fashion icon of her time.

 James Dean & Pier Angeli


Photo: T.A. Celebrity Collection.

As maybe the be all and end all of bad boy meets good girl, actors James Dean and Pier Angeli were nuts about each other until Angeli’s mother forbid their relationship. The couple met while filming East of Eden in 1955 and Dean has said that even though it unfortunately didn’t work out, she was the love of his life. Legend has it that brokenhearted bad boy Dean sat outside the church of Angeli’s wedding three years later, revving his motorbike as she read her vows to Vic Damone.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton


Photo: Getty Images.

Another passionate and turbulent movie couple brings us to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, aka Cleopatra and Marc Antony of 1963. The fiery two were the most famous couple of the sixties, meeting on set and lavishing in the Hollywood lifestyle of jewels, holidays and parties. Married twice, divorced twice, this glamorous couple couldn’t get enough of their undeniable passion.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono


Photo: via imgarcade

A controversial yet undeniably passionate and famous couple is John Lennon and Yoko Ono. John and Yoko met in 1966 at one of Ono’s art exhibitions, married in 1969, and although being disliked for their relationship they persevered. Spreading hippie love throughout the seventies the couple recorded music, held ‘bed-ins’ and campaigned for peace. The ultimate activists were together until John’s tragic death in 1980.

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg


Photo: via The Red List.

Another two creatives falling in love at first sight is English girl Jane Birkin and Frenchman Serge Gainsbourg. Meeting under the shadow of the Notre Dame in Paris in 1968 to film the movie Slogan, their romance was one of creativity and true love, even after it ended. This couple still has us fascinated today with their passionate and captivating relationship, their erotic public displays of affection from songs such as “Moi Non Plus”, and true love for each other, always remaining friends.

Johnny Cash & June Carter


Photo: via Imageck

True love comes to life in the romance that was Johnny Cash and June Carter. The country duo were married one week after Johnny proposed on stage whilst performing in Ontario in 1968, and were the biggest country stars in the business for years to come. Johnny’s love letters to June have been voted the most romantic of all time, with his poignant words, ‘you still fascinate and inspire me, you influence me for the better’. Their love lasted a lifetime right up until the very end, with Johnny and June passing within four months of each other in 2003.

Johnny Depp & Kate Moss


Photo: via Black Blessed Blog.

Coming to the next decade of cool we reach the nineties. The essence of the nineties was grunge, and the essence of grunge was Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. Meeting in 1994 in New York’s East Village the pair soon became the poster child for mid-nineties grunge, and were inseparable until 1997. The tenderness of their youth, eccentric, stylish and sometimes inappropriate relationship has made them iconic.

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham


Photo: via ofcelebrity.net

You know you’ve hit power couple territory when only your couple nickname is needed, Posh ’n’ Becks. The singer-turned-fashion-designer and athlete met at a charity soccer match in 1997 and were married in 1999. The stylish and successful couple grew their family in the noughties with their four children, and have travelled the world since. Always oozing effortless style the pair have made something else cool, a rock solid relationship.

Beyonce & Jay-Z


Photo: Getty Images / Mike Coppola.

The power couple of the early teens has to be top-of-their-game music artists, Bey and Jay. Beyonce and Jay- Z began dating in 2000 and have always been fiercely private about their relationship, however through collaborating musically throughout the noughties they have shown their dedication to each other, re: ‘Crazy in Love’. With seventeen Grammy wins between them, success is something this couple is used to, and completed their successful family with the birth of their baby girl Blue Ivy in 2012.

Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren


Photo: Instagram @jayalverrez.

This young wanderlust couple has it all, abs, arms and beautiful sun bleached hair. Made Instagram famous by their extraordinary adventures across the globe, extreme athlete/photographer Jay Alverraz and model girlfriend Alexis Ren are the ultimate selfie-taking couple of the 21st century. Date nights include petting stingrays, jumping from helicopters and swimming with sharks. Jay refers to Alex as his “muse” to his 2.5 million followers on social media. #relationshipgoals

Friday 23rd October 2015