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Cosmic Splendour

Wednesday 16th December 2015
Inspired by the unearthed beauty and water-clear textures of precious stones, we’ve created a mood board to assist you in planning your luminous event. Featuring tethered accents, polished crystal, opaque metal tones and spectral lighting. Naturally molded and exquisitely weathered from the Earth’s abundant ground, the simple geometric formation of a stone can inspire an entire space.
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Raw elements and semi-precious stones evoke a regal energy. The natural variation of light through the homogeneous edges of polished minerals exude a ecclesiastical presence.

The calming, cosmic properties of the amethyst extol much more than an ornamental purpose. Its silvery reflection is thought to expand the mind and help the assimilation of ideas to their fruition. While, the smooth and faceted edges of the rose quartz expel a humble fervency associated with love, empathy and healing.

Designer of coveted crystal headpieces, Gillian Chadwick of Elementalchild portrays a preternatural whimsy through her fanciful crowns. Each encrusted with embellished moon rocks and elaborate filigree, influenced by the realm of science fiction fantasy.

Be the alchemist of your own wedding and incorporate the tainted glass effect in the overall style of your day. Crystal goblets, iridescent stone table weights,  hanging crystal motifs and deep toned jewels canvas a story of cosmic splendour.


Wednesday 16th December 2015