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6 steps to creating the dream body

Wednesday 4th November 2015
Guest blogger & nutritionist Georgie Smith of g.luxe muesli shares 6 practical and easily achievable steps to help you create your dream wedding bod. A step by step guide towards living a life full of positivity and wellness that goes way past just your wedding day.
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You’re engaged!  This calls for a champagne. Chink, congratulations! Let the dreaming begin.  Where, when, who, how, hair, dress… hold on, body…

As a Nutritionist, I can confidently say weddings are a poignant time of reflection on one’s self.  All brides want to feel (and look) incredible on their big day and for many, this calls for change.  The diet begins.  The PT is employed.  And we find time for hot water and lemon in the mornings!  We want the dream bod… we want to glow!  So, here are a few hot tips from me on creating your best self dream bod.  And keeping it.

First and foremost, let me bold type, asterix* and strongly encourage you to make the change a lifelong priority.  Make feeling and looking your best an everyday thing.  Forever.  You’re marrying your best friend and your best self.  Alrighty? Ok.

Drink more water

You’ve heard it before.  But seriously, drink more.  We’re talking minimum 2L a day.  If your pee ain’t near clear, you ain’t drinking enough.  Water has so many beauty affects, it is invaluable.  Of course it flushes out toxins (hello clear eyes), it improves skin complexion (hello clear skin) and it aids the gastrointestinal tract (essential for good digestion.  Hello flat belly.).

Eat mostly fresh, plant based foods

Every single thing you put in your mouth (except for water) has an energy content (also known as kilojoules or calories).  When you are trying to shape up, it’s important to choose foods that are lower in calories yet still fill you up.  Vegetables are ideal.  They are wholesome, delicious, colourful, full of vitamins and minerals and beautifully satisfying while having a bride-to-be friendly energy content. We love white dresses.  But not white foods.  Skip them altogether.  Choose whole, brown and unprocessed every, single time.

Listen to your body!

Does it feel good after consuming this, that, the other?  If it doesn’t, don’t eat it.  Every body is different.  Every body digests foods differently.  Choose foods that your body digests easily and without a fuss.  If that’s gluten free for some people, great, eat gluten free foods.  Same goes for dairy.  Eggs.  Soy.  Coffee.  Alcohol.  Be a little more responsible for what you feed your engine.  And never finish a meal feeling full.

Go shopping/plan your week

Sounds boring but this is one of the most important things I would encourage you to do.  Fill your fridge with mostly vegetables, fruits, yoghurts, nuts, seeds, whole grains, lean meat, fish, eggs (and if necessary, dark chocolate).  Some meals that I love to make on Sunday for the week ahead, the perfect packed lunch, I can not recommend more highly, they take less than 10 minutes to prepare and they are full of vegetables are: soups (any!  i.e vegetable, onion, garlic, stock, cook, whizz, voila), zucchini slice, roasted vegetables (to toss into spinach leaves with chopped nuts = delicious salad) and quinoa or rice salads.  If you can eat a beautifully healthy, whole breakfast and lunch, you are 2/3 the way there!

Be mindful of your alcohol intake

There is energy (kJ/calories) in everything.  As a calorie comparison, one double shot vodka and soda = a tim tam…

Get moving!

Sweat.  Puff.  It’s not glamorous at the time, girlfriend.  Trust your body can do it and just go for it!
That’s it!  My six key steps to your dream bod.  Nothing genius, or new.  But I guarantee if you pick up these habits, good things will happen… good luck and enjoy the ride.
Wednesday 4th November 2015