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Memorable moments with fine food

Monday 21st September 2015
Rachelle Watson and Justin Derrick are a dynamic duo. Partners in life and in business with 25 years of hospitality experience under their belt, they’re a force to be reckoned with in the intimate catering and event design industry. Located in the modishly industrial suburb of Footscray in Melbourne’s inner west, Create Catering has formed a tight knit little family and a big name for themselves. The modern, concrete establishment Rachelle, Justin and the team at Create Catering call home is unwaveringly reflective of their brand – tasteful and ingenious.
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When Harry Met Sally in Nora Ephron’s classic 1989 motion picture they had us beckoning, “I’ll have what she’s having.” As Oliver Twist rose from the table with a bowl and spoon in his hand,  he pleaded to his master, “please sir, I want some more”, and to this day an immediate sense of heartbreak still pours over us. It’s true that food whether it’s on the big screen or off has the ability to trigger our memory – to transcend time and vividly illustrate a particularly enduring moment in our lives. More often than not, one smell, look or taste can paint a picture so intricately it were as if you right there. Of all the meals that you aspire to be mind-tingling unforgettable it would have be your wedding dinner or lunch. An elegant wedding feast that continues to bring the memory of your special day to life for both you and your guests.

The small management team at Create Catering & Events is an exceedingly imaginative bunch of individuals. The team literally has their fingers in every pot. Aside from the wedding catering and event styling packages on service, the team are in the midst of planning à la carte catering for the 2015 Royal Melbourne Show and work with various high profile clientele such as the Premier and local State Government.

In addition to some their big named clients, Create Catering has rallied together an exceptional bunch of contemporary and uber-mod event venues. Their venue list includes town halls and parks and gardens around the up-and-coming area of Footscray and the wider Melbourne region.

farewell fiancé! caught up with Rebecca, Halecia and Derrick from Create Catering to talk about all things dreamy, delicious and decadent.

“Pleasure in the work puts perfection in the job. That’s a little quote we like to go by,” Halecia says.

“We’re working on a lot of interesting weddings at the moment. There are a few marquee weddings, winery weddings and even corporate Christmas parties and end of financial year parties. We’re seeing some really different and unique spaces as well,” Rebecca says.

Something that really struck us as a point of difference was Create Catering’s vegan menu option and bespoke vegan grazing station concept. The entire menu is completely free of animal products instead, incorporating tasty alternatives such as charred sweet corn, smoked potato and leek croquettes and heirloom tomatoes. Rebecca says it’s all about “taking it back to basics” and utilising fresh locally sourced produce lies at the pinnacle of this philosophy. Though don’t fret if you’re not quite sure the dietary requirements of your guests. Rebecca suggests picking the menu for you and then tailoring it once you know exactly what your guests’ requirements are.


Unforgettable food for an unforgettable occasion. Photo: Create Catering & Events.

“It’s important to find someone you have a connection with to do your catering, someone that you trust and gel with. Someone that is willing to over-deliver on your big day.”

Over-delivering seems to be something the Create Catering team does on a day-to-day basis. When we ask Rebecca and Halecia to tell us about one of their most memorable experiences with food, they both take one look at each other and smile abashedly. Picture a marquee wedding and a very abrupt change to the weather forecast.

“The kitchen marquee flooded and the power went out. We had to be very resourceful and we all just went into event management overdrive. The team ran around and found candles, while the kitchen staff cooked under phone lights.”

Despite it all, Halecia says “the power ended up coming back on and it turned out to be a really great story, one which the couple were really happy with in the end. It will definitely be a wedding we will never forget.”

Monday 21st September 2015