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5 Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

Wednesday 10th May 2017
Sure, diamonds make for an undeniably beautiful engagement ring and an even better best friend. But there are plenty of other gems and diamond alternatives out there that give the eternal stone a run for its money. Maybe you’re an unconventional bride looking for a unique way of symbolising your engagement, or you’re just trying to stick to a tighter budget - we’ve pulled together five of our favourite engagement ring alternatives when diamonds aren’t really your cup of tea.
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Knot Ring

There’s an unconventional beauty about an engagement ring that features a nuanced, geometrical shape over a diamond or gemstone. The entwined bands in the classic ‘knot ring’ perfectly mirrors the intimacy and affection of two engaged lovers. The simplicity of this style may contrast the glamorous allure of a diamond ring, but it offers and allure its own – the kind that minimal and unstated. Etsy offers a selection of knot rings that vary in finish, band detailing, and gem accents for a little extra shimmer.


Not only do opals make for an incredible alternative to the traditional diamond ring engagement ring, but they’re a burgeoning trend of 2017  and are making a huge appearance on social media. The captivating ‘play of colour’ in an opal captures a range of tones that simply can not be replicated by any single diamond. We are a fan of pairing an oval opal with a fine gold or rose gold band and diamond accents to create a more clustered effect. This looks great with either large or small opals depending on how subtle or statement you want your ring to look. The Oval Opal Ring by Jamie Park Jewellery captures this simplistic aesthetic and would pair nicely with a jewelled or braided wedding band to complete the look.

Minimal and Matte

So there’s no secret that we’re fond of minimal jewellery here at Farewell Fiancé. We love a good stackable ring, especially as an alternative to a classic diamond engagement ring. Whether you’ve decided on a geometric design or a fine ring with a matte finish, a simple style of ring is a statement in itself and makes for an elegant choice to symbolise your engagement. Plus it makes searching for a wedding band to match a whole lot simpler. You can just double up with a similar style or choose a ring that has alternate accents that correspond with the details of your engagement piece.


She’s the off-beat, more nonchalant sister of the diamond that makes for a stunningly earthy engagement ring alternative. The translucent mineral takes a shape of a hexagon or prism which offers a naturally unique design when paired with an equally unique setting. The Rutilated Quartz ring, set in yellow gold and embellished with diamond detailing by Natalie Marie Jewellery is a favourite of ours and has us obsessing over feminine rose tones for a contemporary twist on the traditional engagement ring.


You can’t look past with a single freshwater pearl as an elegant and regal engagement ring option. A symbol of purity and innocence, these ‘teardrops of the moon’ were a popular choice in previous centuries and rose to prominence as a luxurious rarity. Whilst pearl engagement rings are a little more seldom these days, they are incredibly captivating and come in a range of different hues for an equally untraditional yet classic look. If you’re planning to go for a pearl as the focus of your ring, pay attention to the lustre, the presence of any blemishes on the surface, thickness, and orient. Pearls are less durable and resistant then diamonds so be conscious of having this beauty on your finger.

Wednesday 10th May 2017