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Dreamy Scents For The Bride And Groom

Tuesday 6th March 2018
Scent is uniquely personal and evocative. Some prefer the delicate sweetness of a floral fragrance while others enjoy something a little muskier. Ultimately, perfumes should be balanced and unobtrusive, creating a pleasant aroma that lingers in the atmosphere. It seems that there is an emerging trend for more androgynous scents that can be worn by both men and women, led by some of the most coveted brands in fashion at the moment. We take you through some versatile scents that can be worn by the bride or the groom on their big day.
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Designing your wedding is a sensory project. Outside of the more obvious aesthetic elements – the dress, the decor and the bridal party attire – there are the more subtle details that help to create the right atmosphere for your celebration, and scent is one of them. A perfume or aroma has such a profound, sentimental quality and has the ability to capture a moment in time. Here are some of our favourite unisex fragrances that allow you to revel in the experience a little bit longer.


We are drawn to scents that conjure a natural cleanliness, like sweet citrus and crisp greens. It’s like driving along the European coastline and taking a moment to breathe in the scent of the lemon trees that overhang on the road – you experience a ‘zest’ for life in that moment. Fresh scents begin with a base of bergamot or citrus which is then balanced with peppery roots like celery and fennel. This refreshing combination is like a surge of energy, designed to awaken the senses and enliven the spirit. Aromatic leaves like basil, lavender, pine and juniper add a necessary balance to the sweet and spicy notes for a milder impression. Since this combination in neither overly floral nor musky, it is a great foundation for fragrances that can be worn by both men and women.

Cult brand Byredo has a unisex variety in Gypsy Water, a blend a fresh notes like juniper and lemon with woody sources like amber, vanilla and sandalwood. A spritz of this scent sends you deep into the woods, where the air is fresh and the faint trickle of the running stream creates the perfect melodic accompaniment. Aesop‘s Tacit is another Farewell Fiancé favourite and heroes the crisp scents of basil and citrus. We journey to Capri with this perfume by 19-69, where bitter oranges and sweet mandarins are married with camomile, juniper, musk and ylang ylang for a delicate scent that is clean and zesty. Vetiver Eau de Parfum by Malin + Goetz also has a citrus base but incorporates earthy spices like cardamon and celery seed to balance the floral-vanilla quality of white iris.


Woody scents have traditionally been associated with more masculine fragrances that capture the  exact balance between earthiness and cleanliness. But women who deviate from obvious floral fragrances tend to gravitate towards something a little muskier and mysterious in nature. Common sources of woody scents include sandalwood, rosemary, papyrus, incense and tobacco. Often these ingredients are paired with complementary woody spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise to create a sensory accent that lingers in the afterglow of each spritz. Fragrances of the woody kind are particularly appealing because of their subtle warmth that almost shapes the atmosphere without detection.

Santal 33 by Lelabo Fragrances is one perfume that has taken the fashion world by storm. Men and women alike sport this handmade woody concoction, featuring Australian sandalwood, violet, iris, papyrus and cardamon.  The Incense Series 3 by Comme des Garçons has a breadth of fragrances, each with a different woody base, from birch and cedar, to teak and the Japanese hinoki cypress. We are particularly a fan of the Kyoto variety, which pairs the grassy notes of vetiver and patchouli with the unassuming yet alluring scent of coffee – it seems our addiction to coffee has evolved from drinking it to literally spritzing it all over our body! Natural Mystic by retaW also uses the refreshing qualities of patchouli and star anise, balanced with the woody notes of rosemary and cinnamon. Another homage to the warming scents of cinnamon and nutmeg, No.04 Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie has a vivid earthiness which is conveyed through the use of various woods like cedar, sandalwood and amber. Bois by Commodity Goods is a unique scent that explores the softer side to the typically masculine, woody profile. Combining Australian sandalwood and Bois de Cedar with floral notes like Jasmine, Orchid and Pimento Berries, this seductive scent has a silky texture that would complement the atmosphere on your wedding day.

Tuesday 6th March 2018