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Beauty Expert: How to Achieve Natural Looking Faux lashes

Monday 22nd August 2016
Eyelash extensions are hyper-natural beauty at its utmost. Inspired by backstage beauty that truly enamors and encapsulates, we find out once and for all, whether it's possible to create a pared-back look using very little makeup and achieving maximum effect. So, we've called in the professionals.
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Beauty looks have varied throughout time. Beauty has been described and depicted through magazines, international runways and generations before us. Yet one thing that we’ve noticed is that simple, natural beauty will always reign supreme. Soft tendrils, groomed brows and some clever contouring create a look that is perfectly unrehearsed. For a fluttering impact we’re also adding eyelashes extensions to the mix (gasp!).

Mala of Melbourne based Lash & Brow Boudoir deconstructs urban myths and misconceptions about faux lashes and despite what you might think, they can actually be a part of your natural beauty look.

What advice can you provide to women seeking natural looking eyelash extensions? 

In terms of  the false strip lashes it can be hard to find a natural option. Whereas lash extensions can be very beautiful and organic looking. My advice would be to visit a professional lash salon, they’ll have several different lash shape, lengths and thicknesses available. Extensions should be customised to suit everyone’s preference and face shape, it’s definitely not a case of one size fits all.

A good lash stylist should be able to navigate you through the different types of lashes. Do your research on the salon first and ensure that they are specialists with years of experience that can also offer helpful advice. In the consultation they should ask you what you want, how much volume you desire, or if you prefer thick of thin lashes. Regardless, you shouldn’t be able to feel them at all.

The idea is to catch people off guard and have them ask, “are they extensions?!”. Our most popular option is called the ‘classic natural’, which is approximately 100 lashes per eye. For a more fuller look, another popular option is ‘volume’ or ‘3D’ lashes – where instead of applying one individual fake lash to your natural lash, several lashes are applied to one natural lash.

What is the ideal time frame, pre-wedding to get eyelash extensions?

If you haven’t tried eyelash extensions before, invest in a trial a few months prior to your wedding and then have them refilled or have a new set applied several days before your wedding. If you leave it until the last minute, particularity if you haven’t visited a salon before, you’ll go in not knowing exactly what you’re getting in to and you might not achieve the natural look you want.

What should brides consider before getting faux lashes? 

Eyelash extensions are the difference between feeling confident without makeup on. The best thing is that it takes much less time to do your makeup on your wedding day. Though, your makeup artist will have to be mindful of droppage when applying eye shadow. While you can still wear mascara, you shouldn’t have to and any oil-based products will damage the adhesive, shortening your lash lifespan.

It is very, very rare for people to have major reactions to the glue and completely swell up and require ice packs and doctors care. There is a sensitive glue option however, it is more maintenance. The sensitive glue option only last two weeks as opposed to four or five. If you really want lashes, there’s still a way around it, you just have to commit to taking care of them.

Any general tips or tricks we should know about . . .? 

1. Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after each visit.

2. Avoid using oil-based makeup removers, moisturisers or cleansers around your eyes.

3. Brush your lashes daily (but not when wet).

4. Do not wipe your lashes with cotton pads as fibres can catch/pull your lashes. Use lint free remover pads instead.

Monday 22nd August 2016