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Five Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Wedding

Tuesday 11th October 2016
Planning a wedding is a huge challenge, with tastings and viewings to schedule and oversee, it's no wonder things can slip under the radar. With candour and complete frankness we ask Melbourne based creatives Sooti Event Styling and Design to confess five of the most common mistakes couples make when planning their big day.
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The team at Sooti Event Styling and Design have composed a list of the five most common mistakes couples make when planning a wedding.

1) Not setting a budget before you begin planning – While the budget of your wedding does not reflect it’s meaning or importance, it is necessary in order to make decisions that are financially reasonable and within your expectations and means. While any definition of the word ‘budget’ is enough to send cold shivers of sweat down your spine, a good way to start is to base your ‘wedding fund’ on your combined income and expenses as a couple. Research vendors and and get price quotes or estimates before allocating a budget as many vendors work to minimums. The next step is to start formulating a guest list as most budgets are proportional to the size of the wedding you intend to host and will often need revising. Be transparent with your vendors and ask the right questions to get all of the information up front. Track your budget in an excel spreadsheet.

2) Underestimating the cost of a marquee/tent wedding – A tented reception is a beautiful way to harmoniously blend the comfort of a modish interior and the beautiful backdrop of the great outdoors. Though the cost of installation and all of the variables that are associated with a marquee, dome or tent wedding can seriously affect the price (lighting, chairs, tables, flooring, catering, heating/cooling ect). Figure our how many guests will be attending and discuss with your partner and party hire company whether it is a feasible option. Note that you will also need to allow for professional installation and additional time for bump in and bump out. If you’re seeking a more economical alternative, consider purchasing a marquee on eBay  or Gumtree and tackling the challenge of fitting and furnishing yourself.  You can then resell the marquee after the event.  However, there is a reason event stylists are paid for their work and this is not a DIY challenge recommended for the faint hearted.

3) Not having a back up or wet weather plan – Most events will incur changes before the big day. Weather, however, is something that you cannot predict until the very moment you’re walking down the aisle. Accept that the weather might not be perfect and prepare for the absolute worst. Take into account that preparing for a change of weather will also impact your budget.

4) Trying to please everyone – When you’re not consumed with worrying about what everyone else thinks, it’s a lot easier to focus on the things that actually matter. Enjoy the engagement and frolic in the festivity of your new life together. Limit the time spent contemplating trivialities. It really isn’t worth the stress.

5) Not booking a Videographer – You wouldn’t be the first person to think having a photographer and videographer is a bit of an overkill. Don’t make light of the significance of a talented videographer. Films capture the candid, efficacious moments that you often forget about or are too busy to revel in on the day.

Tuesday 11th October 2016