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Floating Floral Installations

Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Florals have long been a staple of the wedding day aesthetic, appearing in bouquets, centrepieces, and often affixed to the back of the ceremony seating. But in more recent times we’ve seen the rise of foliage and other unassuming plants being used as the predominant styling element because of their unique texture and dimensional quality. We’ve been a fan of foliage bouquets and garlands for quite some time, but one recent trend that we’ve hopped right on board with epitomises the phrase, ‘form over function.’ It’s the idea of having a floral centrepiece or installation suspended in the air.
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It’s not an instance of magic, although it does appear quite magical and dream-like, with each flower and steam strategically placed to collectively frame the room. Floral installations have a few technical restrictions that come with structure, so you should consult with your florist and the reception manager if the space is conducive to this type of feature. Once you’ve got the go ahead then you can really get creative and channel the qualities that underpin your wedding theme – like airiness, transparency, vintage, or industrial. Supply your florist with a mood board of inspiration so that they can begin to realise your vision.

A prime consideration with having an installation piece like this is the size and shape of the structure and how this corresponds with the dimensions of the space itself. Hanging flowers and foliage can be created in a myriad of different shapes by using various frames and bases. Circular frames and halos can help to create a more balanced look, as well as capturing a regal quality denoted by the symbolic ring shape. More isolated and unstructured forms might include the use of bare branches and twigs, enhancing the nuanced shape and natural variations of each individual piece. This design has an inherently raw aspect that aligns well with the stripped back, minimalist aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular on the wedding decor scene.


The rustic trend is one that contrasts florals with foliage and welcomes other untraditional combinations, like earthy textures and seasonal hues. You can easily incorporate floating floral installations to adhere to a rustic theme by opting for warm tones and embracing natural textures – the starkness of branches, the nuances of wood grain, or the airiness of Baby’s Breath and Cotton Grass. Play around with the structure of the installation – you might like to have a number of hanging pieces spread throughout, or one single focal piece that creates an immediate vector and defines the space. In an otherwise simple and minimal space, a hanging floral installation can be all you need to capture your theme and create the perfect backdrop for some awe inspiring photographs.


The illusion of the florals being temporarily suspended or ‘frozen’ in the air also brings with it an inherent awareness of the ‘present.’ Time feels as though it has paused, just for the moment, allowing for an experiential appreciation for what will later be a memory. This feeling of floating creates an immediate sense of ease and weightlessness – an unspoken byproduct of beautiful design. We are continually inspired by the work of florist Sarah Winward, whose installations are whimsical and wispy, embracing the natural qualities of the materials at hand. Her designs are imbued with their own unique personality, reaching out and pulling away from the viewer, appearing interactive rather than being simply static. This addition can transform any space, creating the romantic illusion that you’re dining under the stars, or an array of flowers at least.

Wednesday 23rd August 2017