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Foliage over Flowers

Monday 27th June 2016
Thick foliar blankets of oak, ivy and blue eucalyptus bring the viewer to a different state of perception. One that is much more fulfilling than a floor show of flamboyant flowers. Explosions of plush greenery offer a welcoming relief in urban industrial settings and create a space that surrenders to the wild woodlands.
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“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” – Helen Keller

Foliage may just be our new favourite kind of flower. Merging the outside in, foraged foliar offerings and leaf installations conceal the partly uncanny spaces that are often hard to fill with furniture. In the process, various shades of green only and entwining delicate vegetation with coarser leaves create an impressive tapestry that can completely change the narrative of your event. Exposing nature’s unexpected romantic side, organic formations of flowering kale, basil and cabbage leaves also stand to calm and soothe the ambiance and area of your wedding.

As styling and floristry techniques become few and far between and the wedding industry increasingly homogenises into devoted trends and ‘themes’ (bohemian chic, anyone?), we ought to remind ourselves that the most unconventional of ideas are often the most beautiful. Naturally, when planning a wedding, your personal style and a desire to impress your guests’ harmoniously guide your choices. Why not invent a space that resembles a conservatory or construct a floral-less feature that sculptures skylines and contours crumbling structures?

We’re all about creating spaces that are enraptured by mysticism and alchemy. The wildly variegated colours of plant life transcend depth, flow and personality. Whether you decide to experiment with a culmination of motley-textured specimens or one essential leaf, you are by no means restricted to the colour green or any comprehension of space. The bio-coloured burgundy leaves of mondo grass or contrasting leaf veins of a native gum can be used as hedging, ground cover, backdrops or trailing table runners.

The best part? It’s also a cost efficient solution. Botanicals will go a long way further than flowers.

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By Jessica Newall

Monday 27th June 2016