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Trending: Translucent Chairs

Wednesday 15th June 2016
Retaining the elegance of 18th Century France, ghost chairs are an innovative take on the classic Louis XV armchair. Favoured for their simplicity and strictness in design, the ghost chair creates an effect of lightness and understated luxury.
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“Tomorrow will be less” – Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck for Kartell, has taken a classic shape and reinvented it as a contemporary style motif. Made entirely out of clear polycarbonate, the ghost chair fits effortlessly into any style or surrounding. It’s all an illusion – Due to the transparent design, the ghost chair doesn’t appear to occupy any physical space. In contrast to the cumbersome Bentwood chair, which can often look quite cluttered in a small setting, the ghost chair simply disappears into the environment.

Adding a little dynamism to your event without overshadowing your venue, the permeable, glassy texture and timeless design works to suit both a contemporary alfresco dining experience or provincial country ceremony. Alternatively, this unobtrusive seating can be styled to reflect the theme of the day, by draping soft, sheepskin rugs or tendrils of flowing perennials. Nicely juxtaposed against recycled timber and blemished metals, the sheer chair allows you to express your personal style without using any screaming accessories.

There’s an art to creating spaces that exude both warmth and beauty. As shape, colour and texture become requisites in our homes, we’ve become more aware of incorporating these design elements into our events too. Futuristic and utterly transformative, ghost chairs combine several visual experiences in one optical frame and attest to modern minimalism’s geometric accents and asymmetry. The streamline shape and upholstered surface create an ethereal ambiance when positioned in unswerving tiers along a chalky waterfront embankment. Pair your chairs with neutral French flax linens to avoid feeling like the space is too clean and sterile. Lastly, coordinate your tablescape by selecting napkins that are one or two shades lighter or darker in colour.

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Words by Jessica Newall



Wednesday 15th June 2016