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Easy Gift Ideas For Your Groomsmen

Wednesday 21st February 2018
Your groomsmen are there to celebrate with you as you journey towards married life, so they also deserve a little celebrating. If you’re planning on surprising your groomsmen with a sentimental gift, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s practical as well - something that they will use time and time again with the memory of how awesome it was to celebrate your wedding together.
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Care Products 

Grooming products are a classic ‘go-to’ option when you’re brainstorming gift ideas for any man. It’s something you know they’ll get use out of, and who doesn’t love something that looks and smells fantastic? You can find a range of brands out there with exquisite packaging at a reasonable price point – Jao, Salus, and Herbivore just to name a few. Bundle up a variety of grooming products and create a simple care pack for your groomsmen that they can take with them traveling or on the go. But what about those grooming products that are perhaps ‘less glamorous’ and arguably more practical, like deodorant? Yes, you may get a laugh or two in response, but your groomsmen will surely get on board and thank you for all the future awkward moments that you may have just prevented. Heaven knows, deodorant is not something that should just sit in the cupboard at home, what use is it there? Instead opt for a premium variety that will become an everyday travel essential. Journeymen offers high-quality deodorant in both the spray and roll-on varieties, with masculine packaging that you’ll want to flash around. At a similar price point you can also grab yourself a Fragrance Solid Perfume tube by retaW that you can take with you on the go for a quick application of sheer freshness.

So body care is one thing but product care is another. Jason Markke released a range of shoe care kits that are ideal for men who take pride in their kicks or simply travel often and may need to freshen up their shoes on the go. The Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush is great for more delicate fabrics like suede or canvas while the Travel Shoe Cleaning Kit is a fix-all pack that can be used on your jogger and sneakers. The ideal gift for men with a sneaker addiction; a common symptom of the modern era.


UK online store La Gent offers a curated collection of lifestyle brands tailored to both men and women. You’ll notice that the product range is typically centred around minimalism and simplicity, making it a great fit for the man who ‘has everything.’ We are in love with these luxurious champagne glasses and copper cocktail kits that would be a classy addition to any man’s kitchen or bar. Or if you prefer a bit of everything, the specialty gift boxes take out all the hard work of choosing a gift and include a range of luxurious lifestyle accessories in the mix, like linen tea towels and candles. Perhaps a more unassuming gift that your groomsmen will enjoy is an apothecary item, like an incense kit or oil burner. Products like these are incredibly functional, keeping the house smelling clean and fresh, whilst adding a touch of class and character to the room; a fail-safe and functional gift for your groomsmen.

Novelty Items

An infamous trait of the party of groomsmen is that they don’t take life too seriously. In the whirlwind of traditional celebrations and wedding planning, the groomsmen are there to inject some good, old-fashioned fun. There are plenty of gifts that you can find with a sense of novelty for the everyday larikan, but we’ve pulled together a few, with a necessary element of class. Make Dice have a range of novelty dice with a variety of inscribed commands that relate to each particular theme. Great to keep in the bottom of the bag as a conversation starter or quirky party trick, the dice comes in three categories – Personal, Couple and Love – and make for a humorous little gift to honour your groomsmen. A slightly more practical option is to gift your groomsmen with a unique water bottle, like the ones by Memo Bottle. If you ask us, there’s no better way motivate yourself to keep hydrated than to have a good looking water bottle. These bottles are particularly unique because they are designed for easy transportation and come in sizes that you might already be familiar with – A4, A5, A6 and A7.

Pen To Paper

Yes, we live in a digital world, and yes, our devices often know more about us than we do. But there’s a simplistic beauty to putting pen to paper and engaging in some handwriting from time to time. There was a time when the humble notebook was the gift of choice. So when all else fails and the man who has everything really does ‘have everything,’ opt for a stunning, high quality notebook that they can take into their professional or personal lives. There is of course the option to have the cover monogrammed for an added touch of personalisation, or you could kick it old school and leave a note of appreciation written discretely on the opening page. Delfonics have a collection of notebooks on offer in a range of bright and basic colours, with an iconic minimalistic aesthetic inspired by Japanese design. For more of a statement piece, opt for a bound notebook by Appointed and pair with a signature ballpoint or calligraphy pen.

Wednesday 21st February 2018