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A Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

Thursday 28th September 2017
There are several milestones that transform a wedding from concept to reality - booking a reception venue, choosing your bridal party and of course, creating your invitations. Here is a guide to ensure you are on the right path when it comes to communicating your wishes for the big day.
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More and more we are seeing couples opt for a less traditional, more playful invitation format – where fonts are the central focus and wording is casual and often humorous. Here, there are no rules. You’ve unapologetically entered a zone where guests are going to be expecting a unique and off-beat wedding. But for the couple who wishes to stick to the traditional ways of invitation design and wording, there are a few rules of thumb for your consideration:

1. Invitations should be written in third person.
2. Dates and times generally come before the location.
3. Names are usually in separate lines from the general body of text.
4. Ceremony and reception locations are usually detailed in separate lines.
5. Language should maintain a formal tone. Opening lines generally express an overt sincerity 
and respect, such as ‘you are cordially invited’ or ‘the honour of your presence.’
6. Names of the bride and groom’s parents are generally detailed on the invitation.

As far as ‘kids’ go

If you’re planning on inviting children to your wedding, the first step is to ensure that your venue has the appropriate space and facilities to cater for children and their needs. This could be something as simple as creating a section where the children can play games and just enjoy being kids. The second step of course is to invite them! Farewell Fiancé tip: make sure that you list the children’s names or indicate that the whole family is invited. Parents may assume that their children are not invited if their names are not listed on the invitation.

Gifts and Wishing Wells

Devising a gift registry can be an exciting task for the engaged couple as you begin to imagine ‘life after the wedding.’ But some couples, especially those who have lived together for quite some time, know that household items like tumblers and toasters are not terribly exciting when you have already got everything you need. Such couples tend to opt for a wishing well instead – a ‘money box’ of sorts and an indication that cash and gift cards are preferred. Typically, gift registry and wishing well requests are printed on a separate card that accompanies the invitation on its journey to your guests. Yet as I previously mentioned, invitations are increasingly becoming an opportunity for unique design rather than a means of formality. Place it at the bottom of the invite where it doesn’t pull focus after you have listed all of all of the crucial details.

However you choose to design your invites, ensure that the wording of your gift registry or wishing well request maintains a polite and appreciative tone. We recommend framing it as a choice to honour the happy couple rather than it appearing as an obligation.

Thursday 28th September 2017