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Hairstyles to complement a bridal crown

Sunday 28th January 2018
A bridal crown is a stand alone statement that exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication, and we’re all for it. Choosing the right crown for your dress and overall look can present the often cumbersome task of figuring out how to make your hair support the crown without compromising on style. So today we’re focussing on hairstyles (not Harry Styles) and the braids and buns that will best complement your choice of bridal crown.
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The Messy Low Bun

A go-to hairstyle choice for the whimsical bride, the low bun or twist provides an excellent base to support your crown and helps to ensure that it stays in place. Whether you’ve gone for a floral crown or one that involves a combination of crystals and hardware, the structure of the bun will allow you to use plenty of pins to fasten the crown to your head without it weighing you down. Relaxing the bun to create a more loose and effortless shape will soften around your face and provide a nice contrast to the shape of the crown. And if you’ve got bangs, have them creeping through to gently frame the face, sweeping back across your cheeks and ears. This messy bun look is simple and classic, leaving room for you to get creative with your choice of crown. We are in love with the hair styling of Dolce & Gabbana’s 2014 Spring/Summer Collection which offers timeless inspiration if you’re hoping to channel a dreamy braided bun look to match your wedding day crown. The artful placement of this fashion-forward floral crown, woven into and around the braided hairstyle, adds a little wonder to this classic and contemporary hairstyle. Top it off with some chunky earrings and you’re good to go.

Romantic Waves

Wearing your hair out has become essentially synonymous with the contemporary yet natural aesthetic we all know and love. If you’re keen on the idea of letting your locks roam free, a bridal crown is a great way to create a focal point to vamp up your look. Speak to your hair stylist about creating romantic waves with a level of volume suited to the dimensions of your crown. Floral crowns are a common choice for the barefoot bride who wishes to channel an earthy vibe, matching the relaxed nature of having your hair down. Some variations of crowns have a bit of height to them, like mermaid and crystal crowns, which are designed to be a statement on their own, and balance well with soft, natural waves. This silhouette helps to keep everything proportionate and looking good for those stunning bridal black and white shots.

Balanced Braids

If you want to have your hair down but love all the details and intricacies of an up-do, consider a half-up braid that you can accessorise with your crown or hair accessory.  Having a plait or braid tied at the back helps to create a sense of visual balance and gives a little extra support to keep your crown securely in place. Rodarte’s Fall 2016 runway styling takes an avant-garde angle on this traditionally sweet and flirty look by contrasting dark metalwork with sultry florals and chunky accessories. Topped of with a dangerous lip, this hair ensemble has us dreaming of a bold wedding dress to match.

Sleek Low Pony

While a relaxed and casual hairstyle helps to balance the statement of a crown, you can still keep things sleek and chic by channeling a low pony with a fierce centred part. We recommend going for a symmetrical crown that’s fairly modest in height for a regal, Victorian-inspired look that pairs nicely with a any sleeved or lace gown. One of our favourites comes from the aptly named Viktoria Novak, whose designs have a celestial allure that just tops off the bridal ensemble.

Sunday 28th January 2018