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Honeymoon Destinations: Mallorca

Thursday 25th January 2018
Mallorca is a notoriously romantic place. Perhaps it’s the ethereal architecture that frames the island, transporting travellers to another time and place. Or the vibrant culture of food and dancing that manifests the quintessential saying, ‘mi casa, su casa.’ Like many European gems, Mallorca is an exciting place for lovers to escape to on their honeymoon, with ample opportunity to either retreat and relax or get involved in all the island has to offer.
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Being the largest country in the South West of Europe, Spain is well accustomed to hosting travellers who have journeyed far and wide to experience the country’s charm. This is, in part, bolstered by the overwhelming hospitable nature of the Spanish culture. Visitors rave about the almost palpable sense of warmth and welcoming that conjures an immediate familiarity; a home away from home. Perhaps this feeling of comfort is merely the smell of tapas and sangria in the air, but we’ll leave this for you to determine. With 3 o’clock snoozes a daily tradition (a custom that I could surely get on board with!) it’s no wonder the Spanish are known for their notorious vivacity and gentleness of spirit. Nonetheless, the atmosphere in Spain is one that lends itself to experiences of romance, culture, adventure and most importantly, connection. While there is the invitation to embrace seclusion and relaxation, there is equal invitation to engage with others over a drink or two and experience the joy of being in an entirely different place.

Mallorca (also known as Majorca) is the largest of the Balearic islands and sits about 7 hours by boat off the east coast near Barcelona. With terracotta buildings and ample beaches, Mallorca has become a popular travel destination for honeymooners seeking relaxation, culture and a welcome dose of peace and quiet. Given its popularity, the best time time to travel is in Autumn when the tourists have dissipated and the weather is mild enough to enjoy the beaches without all the crowds. Mountains etched into the sky and clear waters abound, Mallorca offers a luxurious escape with a certain rural charm and authenticity.


Food is a universal language. It marries local traditions with the human desire for connection. It’s a driving force for a honeymoon, or any holiday for that matter, so we always like to include some of the best and most romantic restaurants in the region. Mallorca is home to a diverse range of culinary delights, from the nation’s most iconic ‘tapas,’ to Japanese and Scandinavian inspired dishes. The Son Boronat Calvià offers a truly romantic dinner in a typically romantic Spanish courtyard. Dishes are influenced by both Scandinavian and Thai cuisine and offer a fresh and exciting sensory experience. Asian flavours and practices are plentiful on the island of Mallorca. If you’re planning on making the customary visit to Palma, the gastronomical heart of the island, then you must try the rooftop sushi experience at the popular St Francesc Hotel Singular. This award winning hotel is also home to the iconic Quadrat restaurant, serving Mediterranean dishes in an elegant and romantic setting. Also in Plama is the Mar de Nudos Restaurant, a renown seafront haven for experimental dishes blending Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines. Perhaps it’s the synergy between the Spanish tradition of tasting plates or ‘tapas’ with the Asian equivalent of ‘yum-cha’ and bite-sized degustation that makes this unique culinary combination so popular. Another restaurant on the tasting-plate bandwagon is Tess de Mar, located on the Southwest region of the island. If you’re not already staying at the hotel you can pop into this intimate restaurant for a casual bite to eat and enjoy the romantic ambience of the townhouse courtyard. For a memorable and adventurous encounter with a unique flavour fusion, head over to Sumaq Restaurant in Palma. There is a strong Peruvian influence met with Asian flavours and ingredients that inspire the dishes and beverages alike. When in Mallorca, you must experience the fullness of Spanish cuisine and local dishes iconic to Mallorca. Enjoy the festive experience of tapas at La Paloma in La Lonja – a warmly lit, cave-like restaurant that conjures the most romantic environment for newlyweds to enjoy. Follow with drinks at the Jazz Voyeur Club for soulful music and well-deserved cocktails. Share a large skillet of wholesome paella at the Sa Foradada in Deja and be distracted by the sweeping seascape views. Or experience the raw beauty of local produce at the beautiful 1661 Cuina de Banyalbufar, where meals are healthy and the gin, plentiful.

Beaches Abound

When on an island, one is immediately drawn to the many beaches that adorn the coastline. Mallorca is peppered with over 200 beaches and bays (‘calas’ as they are known), each varying in accessibility and therefore popularity. There are of course the more prominent beaches that attract a large number of tourists and may well be worth the visit. While on your honeymoon though you’ll probably want to indulge in the private atmosphere of a hidden beach, one that feels tucked away from civilisation and in a world of its own. Fortunately Mallorca has plenty of private beaches, welcoming the beautiful, native wildlife and the occasional nudist who wanders by. Cala Varques is well and truly off the grid and may require an adventurous spirit to get to as there are virtually no signs or directions. But once you arrive at the crystal clear waters and enjoy the day with the beach all to yourself you’ll be glad you made the journey. If a touch of wildlife appreciation is your thing, we suggest paying a visit to Cala Mitjana – a remote beach with access to the adjacent national park. Cala Blava is another bay with a sense of privacy that seclusion that warrants a stop on your honeymoon journey. Since Mallorca is a mountainous island, you’ll want to stop along at a place like Formentor Beach where you can sit and take in the uninterrupted, majestic views. The south of the island is renown for its excellent boating culture, making it the perfect place to enjoy a romantic day cruising out on the water. Dock the boat at Portals Vells and simply relax by the beach’s calm waters.

Luxury Sleeps

The island may have a quaint charm, but it is no stranger to luxury boutique accommodation. The St Francesc Hotel Singular in Palma is a pinnacle stop on any Mediterranean adventure, especially for honeymooners who are looking to experience some of Mallorca’s most popular gems. Also in Palma is the Brondo Architect Hotel, a great pick for couples who love to immerse themselves in places of unique and modern interior design. Just a short distance from the Brondo lies the Posada Terra Santa Hotel which offers guests a secluded and intimate environment without escaping the city. For a welcome dose of luxury, head to the Gran Hotel Son Net, a top attraction in Mallorca that was recently voted the best in Europe. The hotel also welcomes wedding ceremonies and receptions, something to consider if you are planning a destination wedding in Mallorca. A day at the spa is relaxation at its finest, and Mallorca is home to a diverse range of spa and wellness retreats to accomodate honeymooners on their holiday. The Sa Creu Nova Art Hotel & Spa is well equipped with massage facilities and treatments to complement the many personal training and fitness sessions on offer – perfect to get your blood flowing after hours of relaxing on the courtyard hammocks. Cal Reiet is another luxury retreat with holistic wellbeing and wellness at its core. Here you will find an enriched experience of Mallorca, with workshops and sessions uniquely tailored to suit your needs, be it yoga, meditation or hot stone treatments. A popular choice for travellers seeking a high-end spa experience, the Hotel Meliá de Mar is primely perched on the Illetas seafront and welcomes picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the marvellous views and fine dining in-house restaurants, this hotel is renown for its Clarins facility offering a range of relaxing spa treatments for honeymooners to indulge in.

Classic ‘Finca’

One of the greatest ways to soak in the nurturing atmosphere of the island is to stay in a country home or ‘finca’ as they are known in Mallorca. There are plenty of Airbnb options at an affordable price for homes with beautiful gardens, outdoor areas and spectacular views. This family home looks like a postcard, with all the decorations and finishings of a beautiful country style adobe, and is located just a short walk from the heart of Old Town Pollenca. You can lose yourself in Mallora, as though you have well and truly stepped into another time and place. The cozy appeal of this charming finca attracts honeymoon travellers who wish to do just this; retreat into a relaxing environment where they can enjoy the simplest of things and create lifelong memories. For an intimate stay in a central yet quiet location, check out this affordable beachside apartment which offers close proximity to the hosts for a helpful point of reference in getting to know the island’s treasures. There are of course more contemporary apartments that have a sense of privacy and modernity without loosing the beauty of the quintessential Majorcan facade, terracotta tiles and all. This gorgeous loft overlooks has a romantic garden terrace where you can enjoy a home cooked meal overlooking the surrounding mountain scapes. Or enter into a state of tranquility in this spacious home, with coastal decor and therapeutic white washed walls that capture the homely allure of the Mediterranean. The rural ambience of a Majorcan finca is the perfect environment to really appreciate the natural charm of the surrounding landscape. We’ve put together a short list of some of the most romantic:

  • Can Estades Finca Hotel in Calvià
  • Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa
  • Sa Rota d’en Palerm
  • Sa Franquesa Nova
  • Sunprime Monsuau Hotel Cala d’Or
  • Monnaber Nou Eco Hotel & Spa
  • Belmond La Residencia Hotel in Deià
  • Finca Hotel Can Coll Sóller
  • Hotel Can Mostatxins

To Tick Off The List:

The tourism industry is a major driver on the island of Mallorca, so there’s no shortage of exciting activities to fill your honeymoon itinerary. If you’re not relaxing on the beach, enjoying a fresh meal at one of the many gourmet eateries or cooking in the kitchen of your rural finca, then you’re looking for a way to get out and explore the island. Here’s a list of entertaining adventures to embark on when in Mallorca for your honeymoon:

  • Go off road with a gritty Jeep tour
  • Embrace the market scene where you will find endless food trucks, fashion stalls, and providers of fresh organic produce.
  • Visit the poolside restaurant, Ca’s Patro March in Cala Deià.
  • Catch the 355 bus to Sa Calobra from Port Pollenca. The bends of the route are surely memorable.
  • Check out Palma’s lively retail offering and treat yourself to something special.
  • Pay a visit to the vibrant Accana Summer Club for a hit of entertainment and culture.
  • Experience a hot air balloon and take in the island’s beauty from all new heights.
  • Visit the Alfàbia Gardens
  • Journey into the Majorcan caves:
    • Dragon Caves, Porto Cristo
    • Cuevas de Campanet
    • Cuevas de Artà
Thursday 25th January 2018