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Honeymoon Destinations: Mykonos

Wednesday 29th November 2017
Mykonos is revered as one of the liveliest party destinations to visit, with tavernas and nightclubs that you can expect to kick into gear at around three in the morning. The island’s overwhelming popularity is thanks to its captivating beauty and sensory splendour, drawing in travellers from far and wide. But aside from larger-than-life cocktails and the careless dancing that often ensues, this island presents the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the romantic ambience with your significant other.
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Mykonos is one of the most desirable islands of the Cyclades for holidays of beachside relaxation and gastronomical experience. It attracts a high level of tourism for it’s stunning views, white washed buildings, and dotted pathways that often lead travellers on a journey of adventure and discovery. There’s a plethora of restaurants and tavernas at every bend, boasting not just authentic Greek cuisine but majestic views of the Mediterranean. Whilst the options for entertainment are virtually endless, travellers will often find themselves engrossed in a love affair with the many beaches that skirt the island. There’s a contagious sense of relaxation and adventure in the atmosphere, urging visitors to cast their worries aside and simply soak in a welcome dose of Grecian sunshine. This island is a honeymoon destination favourite, ideal for a sun kissed vacation filled with sessions of sunset gazing, book reading, quad-bike riding, and immersive culinary indulgences.

Get Lost In Town

Choosing an island destination for your honeymoon often means that enjoying panoramic landscapes and wondrous views is at the top spot of your holiday agenda. Being a popular travel destination on the Mediterranean, Mykonos presents an invitation for honeymooners to enjoy the view wherever they go. Beachside tavernas are like a drop in the ocean and the beaches themselves are often well equipped with chairs and lounges, laid out in anticipation for the pre-sunset rush of people. The locals really lead the way – they live and breathe the island and all that it has to offer – so the experience of being a visitor on the island is not only one that’s welcome, but celebrated indeed. And what’s a life on Mykonos without an appreciation for salty hair and sandy feet? The beaches of Mykonos are profoundly beautiful and set the tone for the lively yet peaceful atmosphere of the island. It’s no surprise then that the beaches are usually busy during the day and fill up quick, especially during peak travel season. For an all day beach trip, aim to get to the beach of your choice at an early time before the inviting weather begins to draw in the crowds.

While on the island you can expect the majority of your time to be spent either perched on a sandy spot on the beach, or sailing around the island on a yacht, sipping away on a nice cold glass of champagne no doubt. But in a place of such rich cultural history, you may want to take a day to check out some of the most iconic sites the island has to offer. Head into Mykonos Town to explore a few of the island’s gems: the Three Wells, the Armenistis Lighthouse, the Church of Paraportiani. Nearby, the picturesque townscape of Little Venice is reminiscent of the classic Venetian backdrop that we all know and love as being virtually synonymous with ‘romance.’ The conglomerate of narrow buildings and majestic colours are a sight to be seen and experienced, perhaps over a spot of brunch or on-the-go ‘yiros’. Be sure to bring along your best linen outfit, and of course your camera. The heavenly colours of white and blue that cloak the town provide the perfect backdrop for some memorable honeymoon snapshots. Fill your day with sightseeing and experiences, but ensure that you allow yourself ample time and opportunity to ‘get lost.’ If there’s any destination to simply have no agenda besides taking the hand of your spouse and journeying around the bends and alleyways, then Mykonos is the place. Immerse yourself in the buzzing chaos of such a thriving atmosphere, filled with eateries, street performers, artisan goods and produce markets, and the retail stores that we all know and love. Of course, the nightlife in Mykonos is something that you’ll want the thrill of experiencing at least once on your honeymoon adventure. Besides the odd bust-a-move here and there at local tavernas and restaurants, the beach clubs of Mykonos are really the best way to experience the liveliness of the island nightlife. Nammos is a ritzy restaurant that many travellers wish to cross of their list, simply because of the vibrant atmosphere that almost takes over the beach, infecting passersby with a sense of fun and celebration. There are several beach clubs that cultivate a similar atmosphere of ‘party-meets-sophistication,’ equipped with spa treatments and wellness facilities for a wholesome morning of recovery:

Where to eat

Food is such a central aspect of the Greek culture. The tradition of sharing a meal with family is one that extends to friends, both old and new – it’s a universal way to connect and have a more enriched experience, birthing memories and friendships that often last a lifetime. On the island, food is appreciated as an experience of pleasure and an opportunity for celebration, so it’s commonplace for dancing and music to spontaneously take place, and you can bet that the energy in the room will have you up on your feet swinging around a napkin (yes, that really happens!) Tavernas are full of life, and eateries offer an authentic menu of local ingredients, driven by a keen love of seafood, as well as creative fusion dishes that derive from concepts like sushi and yum cha. You’ll also find that restaurants often look out over the ocean, creating an ideal experience for love-struck honeymooners. Below is a list of some of the beachfront options, where you can dine among the stars with the soundtrack of waves crashing on the shore:

Whilst there are quite a few big name restaurants that perhaps deserve the attention of honeymooning travellers, there is no shortage of intimate family-businesses that offer an authentic snapshot of the Greek food culture. And the food is unreal, enough said. Fokos Taverna is a somewhat secluded gem at Fokos beach that serves traditional Greek cuisine, loved by locals and coveted by travellers. Around the corner is Kikis Taverna, an intimate spot that often fills up quickly because of its effortlessly romantic appeal. Nikolas Taverna is another favourite that travellers often rave about, in particular the popular dish of ‘Mousakka’ or ‘eggplant lasagna’ as it is otherwise known. For an alleyway experience with authentic flavours, check out Caesar’s in Mykonos Town and Paei Kairos Taverna. If you’re looking for something modern and convenient, head to Bowl where you’ll find a menu of healthy options for a light lunch or quick takeaway to eat on the beach. Dessert is an obvious essential, and Greece is home to an abundance of creamy pastries and layered sweets. But you can’t go past a traditional gelato when you’re strolling the streets on a romantic walk around the town. Gelarte is a family run ice creamery with a selection of over thirty delectable flavours, it’s no wonder their reputation precedes them.

Villas and Vistas

Boutique hotels, retreats and resorts on the island are designed specifically to take advantage of the sweeping vistas. A honeymoon holiday on the island of Mykonos means that you have the opportunity to experience virtually uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean sunset from the comfort of your private suite, so it’s easy to want to splurge for a few nights and enjoy some of the most luxurious boutique hotels on the island. The Golden Villas of the Cavo Tagoo 5-star hotel are spacious and well-equipped with a private Jacuzzi, Cyclades-inspired interiors, and views that are simply astounding. If you’re the type to select where to stay purely on the quality or ingenuity of the interior design, then be sure to take a look at the Kensho Boutique Hotel overlooking Ornos Bay. And if you’re looking to indulge, the hotel has a number of services available like tailor-made dinners and a private pastry chef on request (bring on the baklava cravings!) Just around the corner, the Kivotos Hotel sits at the edge on the bay, greeting guests with a 5-star experience of Grecian tranquillity. The hotel is decorated with a unique and contemporary flair that makes your stay all the more memorable. Plus, the floating pontoons and waterfront backdrop makes it a popular proposal and wedding location. Nothing like a little love in the air to bolster the romance on your honeymoon vacation. The Bill & Coo 5-star hotel is aptly perched at the foot of the beach and overlooks the pristine waters that connect Mykonos with the sacred island of Dalos. The hotel offers honeymoon tailored suites with endless views of the Aegean and massages available on the sands of the private beach. Boheme Mykonos is another luxurious boutique hotel and is just as the name suggests – the interiors capture a modern bohemian vibe that complements the relaxing nature of the surrounding seascape. On the topic of exquisite interiors, the Branco Hotel is located at the popular Platis Galos Beach and is an ideal place to stay, even if it’s just for the incredible food served at the in-house, beachfront restaurant. It’s light and airy by day, and every bit a ‘party’ at night.

For the remainder of your trip, you can experience the natural beauty of the island by staying in cosy villas and boutique hotels that really allow you the opportunity craft incredible memories with your other half. If you’re staying in Mykonos Town it’s worth having a look at the modern ambience of My Mykonos Hotel, where you can go exploring with the assurance that you’re coming home to a sophisticated room with your own private veranda. Perched in between two of the islands most visited beaches, Paradise and Praga, San Girgio Mykonos has a laid-back vibe that is created through the use of minimal and earthy design – think white washed walls and plenty of neutral accents. As an affordable beachfront option, the Mykonos Bay Hotel is warm and welcoming and serves a top-notch breakfast. The beauty of staying in a boutique hotel or villa is the sense of intimacy that is created through atmosphere and design. If you appreciate the beach more-so from afar, the Tharroe Of Mykonos is nestled on the hillside near Mykonos Town and the iconic Windmills – and with the benefit of elevation comes even better views!

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Wednesday 29th November 2017