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What’s In My Bag: Wedding Edition

Saturday 26th August 2017
With all the planning involved in the lead up to the wedding, it’s easy to overlook some of the personal essentials you might need for the day itself. While organising your dress might be your primary focus, it’s important that you consider a bag or purse to match - it’s a practical addition to your outfit that helps to keep in one place all of the bits and bobs you might need on the go. We’ve pulled together five essentials that every bride should have in their wedding clutch to make sure that they’re looking and feeling their best. Even if you don’t ending up using them throughout the day, it’s always a good idea to have them on hand.
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The nature of a wedding is sensory and sentimental. To make the experience even more memorable, brides often select a signature scent that they can forever associate with their wedding day and the fond memories attached. To ensure that you’re always smelling and feeling fresh, pack a sample of your chosen fragrance (or if it comes in a small sized bottle) in your bag or purse so that you can spritz as needed. Of course, spritz responsibility – overdoing your perfume can be counterproductive and offensive to the senses. Farewell Fiance pick: Riddle Oil in Sundara, featuring a blend of sandalwood, tonic bean, lemon, jasmine, hay, and green and black tea.

Touch Ups

No matter how phenomenal you makeup looks when it’s first applied, as times wears on so too will your makeup. This is something that you will want to manage on your wedding day and the best way to do this is to ensure that you have access to your essential make up products. Concealer is an absolute must considering you’ll be hugging a plethora of people, some of whom will grab your face, cheeks or chin in an attempt to tell you how proud they are of you. And then of course there’s the dinner segment of the day, where your lipstick (and often some foundation as well) can get completely left behind. If you have opted for a lipstick other than a long-lasting or stain, then you’ll want to ensure that it is packed in your bag and along for the ride. If you have the room, why not pack some powder or blotting paper? Since you’ll be on the move all day, it’s not uncommon for the matte finish of your makeup to gradually dissipate. You can easily correct this by applying some powder or lightly blotting the T-zone, or any oily areas, with some blotting paper. We love that Glossier’s Wowder Mattifying Powder comes with it’s own pouch for the matching brush so that it doesn’t make a mess when in your bag.

Bobby Pins

They’re the little oddly shaped life-savers that seem to constantly disappear into the bobby-pin abyss. Nonetheless, we owe a lot to the bobby-pin and it’s no wonder that it has made it here on our list. Regardless of your bridal hairstyle, it’s a wise idea to have a few bobby pins on hand. They great for holding back any fly away strands or any parts of your hairstyle and accessories that have fallen out of place. Even if you don’t end up using them, chances are at least one of your bridesmaids will. And another one bites the dust.


With a wedding comes a room full of eyes, and they’re looking at you. With this much attention, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking and feeling your best. Hand wipes won’t prevent accidents and spillages from happening but they will allow you to clean up quick so that you’re always fresh and ready for those greeting hugs and handshakes. After dinner we recommend using the wipes to ensure that you’ve swept up any any stray crumbs and to remove any stubborn spinach leaves or sesame seeds stuck between your teeth. You’re welcome in advance.

Pocket Mirror 

Almost all of these essentials rely on another classic beauty essential – the pocket mirror. Where would we be without it? On your wedding day of all days, it’s advisable to include a compact mirror when packing your bag or clutch. Perfect for on the go touch ups and post-dinner clean ups, the compact mirror is here to help.

Saturday 26th August 2017