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Maid Of Honour Duties

Wednesday 13th September 2017
Her right hand woman. The girl who can be an emotional support and practical advisor all in one go. She’s the assistant that every bride needs - the maid of honour. But what exactly qualifies her for the role, and more importantly, what do her duties entail?
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An ear to listen 

The special responsibility of being maid of honour to the bride lies in your ability to be equally supportive and assertive. You’re a project manager of sorts, with additional emotional and counselling capabilities. Whilst you are not expected to ‘drop everything’ on demand, you are afforded the opportunity of experiencing all the vulnerable ‘ups and downs’ of wedding planning alongside the bride. This might appear a daunting responsibility. But there’s huge reward in being a listening ear and support to someone who is planning something great. When everything pulls together on the wedding day, you’ll be smiling right by her side, in the thick of all the happiness and joy.

An eye for detail

If you’re chosen to be a maid of honour, know that it’s not only because you’re most likely a dear friend, but also because you are deeply trusted by the bride. You are in essence her second pair of eyes. You are to notice marks on the bottom of her dress before she does, fix up her veil when it’s pointing in the wrong direction making her look like a dinosaur, and grab her a glass of bubbly when she’s been carrying around an empty glass all night. This is not to say that you’re expected to spot every detail, nor feel any shame if you fail to avert a mini crisis from happening. Such is life. But the special role of maid of honour qualifies you to make subtle efforts to ensure that the wedding day runs smoothly for the bride.

A mind for coordination

As the maid of honour, you are the primary point of contact for the other bridesmaids and should be able to update them on who’s doing what and when. You are also responsible for co-organising the plethora of events in the lead up to the big day – the Engagement Party, the Hen’s and the Kitchen Tea. Of course, the other bridesmaids will help you along the way, but it is generally the maid of honour’s responsibility to get the ball moving. As such, the maid of honour is in constant communication with the bride. She has a fair idea of what the bride envisions for her big day, and will try her best to bring that to fruition. Whether this means turning up at the bride’s house unannounced and taking her out to get their nails done, or just inviting the girls round to chat and spend some quality time together. The maid of honour should have an eye for the simple things – those that make a moment all the more memorable.

The most important thing to remember is that, whilst the role of maid of honour can seem demanding and overwhelming, a lighthearted approach will make all the difference. The bride will be doing enough stressing for the two of you, so the maid of honour should always try to maintain a calm and cheerful perspective. This way, tasks can be accomplished when they need to be, and the lead up to the wedding can be enjoyed as a time of invaluable memory-making.

Wednesday 13th September 2017