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Masculine Wedding Band Styles For Men

Wednesday 14th March 2018
Like any investment, a wedding band is not just a symbol of commitment and longevity, but it is physically designed to stand the test of time. While the engagement ring may very well steal the show, the groom’s wedding band has a sense of personality and charm in its own right. From a classic round band to something a little more unique, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular wedding band styles for men.
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Perfectly Timeless

A wedding band is something that is worn everyday, so for those who are perhaps less accustomed to wearing jewellery on the regular, a classic ring is an excellent choice. Simple as it may be, you still have to decide on the right width, metal, shape and finish that’s right for you. Ensure that you try on a variety of rings with different widths so that you can visualise what looks best. The width of the band will have a great impact on how it looks and feels on your hand, so you want to make sure you choose one that you’re comfortable with. In general, round rings have a fairly traditional look while flat rings channel a more contemporary aesthetic. As for the choice of material, this will really depend on your personal preferences and whether you want something that’s hard and scratch resistant, like tungsten, or something a little more precious, like gold or platinum.

Farewell fiancé picks: The Round or Flat, by Vrai and Oro; Tiffany Classic, by Tiffany and Co.; Marry Me, by BVLGARI; 1mm Half-Round Band, by Consider The Wldflwrs.

Signet Style

Traditionally worn on the pinky finger, signet rings are cool and modern; a quirky statement for an old soul. These rings are a unique alternative to traditional wedding bands, when worn as a wedding ring on the ring finger. Timeless and full of personality, these flat-faced rings are inherently masculine and can be engraved with text for added sentimentality.

Farewell fiancé picks: Signet Ring, by Natalie Marie Jewellery, Platform Ring, by All Blues; Signet Ring, by Maison Margiela; Hammered Signet Ring, Bunney

Hammered Rings

Rather than opting for something with a polished finish, go for something a little ‘rough around the edges’ with a matte or hammered wedding ring. The textured surface gives the impression that every ring is slightly different and therefore, one of a kind. This creates a unique appeal for the man looking for something clean and minimal with an edge of eccentricity. With a matte or hammered surface comes an organic quality that signifies a man who appreciates a more relaxed aesthetic. It’s perhaps a more low maintenance option than a glossy ring that needs a good polish every so often.

Farewell fiancé picks:; Hungry Snake Ring, by All Blues; B6 Bancroft Sterling Silver Ring, by Alice Made This.

Rugged Bands

It’s possible to make a humble statement without opting for a classic wedding ring with all the engravings and stone inserts. Why not go for something that’s unique and experimental, working with unusual textures and tones? Rings with corrugated surfaces capture a sense of rugged masculinity because of their durable shape and construction. They also make an eclectic statement as a wedding ring that’s fresh and unconventional. Speaking of unconventional, don’t overlook the more bold options that combine elements of carbon fibre and onyx for a wedding ring that’s dark and daring. Since the colour is a statement in itself, we recommend opting for a simple round shape that will complement the overall look. This material and colour combination also works well with a flat faced signet variation design for a look that’s masculine, mechanical and utilitarian.

Farewell fiancé picks: Matte Vertical Guilloché by Le Gramme; Carbon Fibre Custom Ring, by Kavalri.

Wednesday 14th March 2018