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Shonel Bryant

Monday 21st September 2015
Director of Nomad Styling Shonel Bryant is a maverick in her own right. A visual merchandiser by trade, Shonel has an intrinsic nature and knack for creating beautiful aesthetics that are highly individual and reflect a bold approach, free from convention. Simply put, Shonel is a perfectionist that finds beauty in imperfection. We chat to the wayfarer behind Nomad Styling about Pinterest, moodboards and choosing the perfect stylist to design your big day.
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The urge to establish an event, photoshoot and styling business first transpired as a weekend hobby. Prior to launching Nomad Styling in 2012, Shonel styled events for friends and family members. She says, “it quickly turned into friends of friends, and then I knew I had to leave my current job and commit to Nomad properly.”

As fewer couples become desirous of the humdrum “big white wedding” more and more are investing in experienced stylists to assist with planning the finer details of their day. Shonel says, “the industry was just starting to emerge at the time I started Nomad, now it’s growing rapidly with stylists popping up everywhere.”

Geelong based Shonel is a true vagabond at heart, finding contentment in traveling and foraging for pieces that mirror her irrefutable bohemian, ‘hunter-gatherer’ nature and style. Her genius is being able to visualise and transform a space in to a personalised, nostalgic backdrop.

With an entire ecosystem of digital devices and apps readily available at our finger tips, planning a wedding nowadays seems like a walk in the park. Online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram allow us to indulge in our style fantasies, however an oversaturation of inspiration isn’t always a good thing. With multiple Pinterest boards comes multiple, blurred themes. “Though I love Pinterest as much as the next gal, I find that it can cloud my vision. I zone in on what the couple has told me about themselves and other ‘non-wedding’ related images I ask them to send me, in order to get a sense of who they really are.”

Fundamental to Shonel’s practice as an event stylist is the good, ole’ faithful mood board. “Whether you have a stylist or you’re doing it yourself, being able to have a moodboard that sums up your day is integral.” Mood boards are the ultimate style guide, a compilation of visual and tactile patterns and palette references that eventually evolve in to your primary design concept. “It really grounds you. Every decision along the way is referenced against the mood board to ensure it’s a right fit.”

Shonel suggests showing your mood board to your suppliers, particularly your florist.  “Sometimes due to unforeseen weather, the varieties of flowers you want aren’t available, so having your florist understand your design is crucial, as they will need to find suitable replacements quickly and without always having the opportunity to speak with you first. The clearer they understand your brief the better.”


Wild At Heart Photoshoot. Photo: Enchanted Wedding Photography.

Shonel’s tips for choosing a wedding stylist:

  • When looking for a stylist, try to chose someone whose aesthetic and personality you connect with. Though most stylists can put together any look you want, getting someone who is a perfect fit for your vision is a good idea.
  • This is something you should do with all of the vendors you choose because each one has a different feel of their own.
  • Get your stylist on board as early as possibly so they can recommend vendors that suit your style and reflect what you are hoping to achieve on the day. A good stylist will be able to give you advice when selecting the right location and will be able to recommend a number of beautiful venues.


Monday 21st September 2015