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Morning Outfit Ideas For Your Bridal Squad

Monday 19th February 2018
The moments leading up to your wedding ceremony may very well be ones of nerves and emotion. Armed with flutes of bubbly and emergency Hollywood tape are your bridesmaids - your party of good vibes and moral support, whose job it is to ensure that the tunes are playing and the drinks a’pouring. So it’s only natural that we would want to make sure there’s some sort of uniform for this party; a symbol of solidarity for this group of much loved misfits.
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Onesies are garments of play and leisure. Despite making it a little difficult to go to the bathroom, playsuits have the comfort and ease of pyjamas but are perfectly acceptable to wear out and about in public without fear of receiving questionable looks from passers by. Every girl has at least one playsuit in her wardrobe and it’s usually shoved messily in the go-to drawer because it gets worn so often – going to the beach, to the shops or for a casual date night. So it makes sense to get your girls something that they’ll wear time and time again, all the while remembering the day of fun it resembles. We love our crisp cottons and laid-back linens for an organic and earthy outfit that is as calming as it is comfortable. Or if prints and patterns are more your thing, opt for ditsy florals and ruffled details for a Frenchy-chic look. A wide leg jumpsuit is a quirky alternative and channels a loungewear inspired look. This is a great way to ensure that your girls will feel comfortable and trendy all at once. Elevate this relaxed look by opting for a baggy jumpsuit with a v-neckline or low back feature.

Farewell fiancé pick: Aussie favourite Zulu & Zephyr has a range of linen goodies that could serve as a summery and sophisticated bridal uniform; She’s So Smitten Romper by Free People.

Sleep Shirts and Pyjamas

Ironically, menswear inspired pieces are up there with some of the most elegant things a girl can wear. It’s a subtle sort of beauty with an effortless femininity, nonchalant almost. A boyfriend shirt, or oversized sleep shirt as we otherwise know it, is an easy way to create a chilled out vibe for the morning of your wedding. As we say, being in your almost-pyjamas is like taking a chill pill and seeing it immediately take effect. Pop open the champagne and fill the room with some retro tunes for a ‘get ready with me’ session with the girls to beat all else. Of course, you can just go full out and wear your pyjamas, but they’ve got to be matching of course. We recommend going for a sophisticated fabric like silk or satin to add a touch of luxury to your morning. Or if you like, you can accentuate the playfulness of the outfit by choosing a classic print like gingham or stripes.

Farewell fiancé picks: IN BED Short Sleeve Shirt in Blue and matching shorts; Classic White Pyjama Set With Shorts by Sleep With Me.


A contemporary favourite, the silk robe is a sure fire way to get your bridal squad excited for all the primping and pampering that comes with being a bridesmaid. Just the sight of a silk robe brings out the Victoria’s Secret Angel in us! Maybe it’s the luxuriousness of the fabric, or the effortless silhouette. Either way, the silk robe makes it look as though you’ve simply thrown it on without giving much thought to how stunning and elegant you actually look. Try and add a little flair to this classic piece by opting for a unique colour or pattern that speaks to your personal style or theme of the wedding. A little tip, keep the looks cohesive throughout the day by choosing a similar colour palette for all bridal party clothing – your photos will thank you later.

Farewell fiancé picks: Josie Lace Robe by LeRose; Sofia Lilac Floral Robe by Homebodii; Linen Robe by Cultiver.


If playsuits aren’t really your thing, but you’re drawn to the comfort and wearability of shorts, then we recommend looking for a matching top and bottom set for your bridesmaids’ morning uniform. Similar to the concept of pyjamas but with the illusion of a playsuit, co-ords give a sense of youthfulness and freedom that will make your bridesmaids want to dance their hearts out, do some mid-morning yoga, or cartwheel around the room if they please. And chances are they’ll love wearing it again too, either together or as individual pieces paired with another of their wardrobe staples.

Farewell fiancé pick: Pajama Set by Lisa Says Gah;  Two Piece Set by Nevillee; Milky Way Set by Sabo Skirt.

Monday 19th February 2018