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Pearlescent: A Modern Take On A Bridal Classic

Tuesday 28th August 2018
The pearl is being reimagined in a way that's beautiful and daring, flirting high fashion experimentation with something we immediately recognise as bridal. This season, we draw inspiration from the classic oceanic accessory and embrace unique expressions of form and femininity.
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Pearlescent [adjective]. having an iridescent luster resembling that of pearl.

The pearl has made a beautiful return, and we are loving every minute of it. While the revival of the pearl accessory conjures the familiar sense of timeless elegance we all know and love, we’re appreciating more alternative styles that modernise this bridal staple. It’s not uniformity we are concerned with – necklaces, strings of pearls, worn only with matching pearl studs – but unique designs that are sartorially fearless, urging a break away from traditional styling. It’s a beautiful tension between modernity and the classics, making it the perfect statement for your wedding day.

Embracing the untraditional

Pearls are revered not only for their luxurious lustre but because of their unique quality as treasures of the ocean. With an aesthetic simplicity that sells itself, pearl accessories are effortlessly versatile and uncomplicated – throw them on and you just know you’ll look fabulous. Flawless and forever relevant, they’re a wise fashion decision, period. But no matter how timeless or classic a piece may be, there’s always room to push the envelope. Exploring concepts of asymmetry and balance, we appreciate pearls in organic forms and irregular shapes that translate a sense of individuality. Designers are embracing imperfection rather than shying away from it. And we’re all for it. Mismatched earrings and alternative proportions were a major trend on the Spring runway and will be sure to make an appearance down the aisle as brides experiment with ways of elevating and differentiating their look. If this sounds like you, be sure to consider the silhouette of your gown and select jewellery pieces that are complimentary – you want to frame your face and flatter your features in a similar way. Accompany a strapless gown with long pearl earrings that highlight the neck and décolletage, or try asymmetrical pearl earrings to pair with a contemporary v-neck dress.

The highlight zone

Our love for pearls extends beyond what can be worn on your ears and around your neck. We are drawn to iridescent fabrications and glossy makeup that channel a similar pearlescent sheen for a look that is romantic, elegant and understated. Silk, satins and gauzy fabrics have a luxurious look and feel and lend themselves to pearly tones such as champagne and ivory. Like something from the heavens, veils and sheer capes with pearl accents adorn the wearer as an angelic creature, adding an element of mysticism to the overall aesthetic. The pearls resemble stars in the night sky and are the perfect addition to a simple slip gown or backless design. This dreamy fashion mood pairs beautifully with a minimal makeup application that accentuates and illuminates the key highlight zones – cheekbones, eyelids and nose. Steer away from intense shadows or contouring and opt instead for a neutral palette with a touch of shimmer, like the latest Lidstar collection from Glossier.

Tuesday 28th August 2018