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Perfect pre-wedding day skin advice

Monday 30th November 2015
Finding (and sticking to) a skincare routine that is tailor-made for your skin type is testing, though vital for a fresh, healthy glow. For most, finding suitable skincare products is only accomplished by trial and error. We ask Richie Angelo of Made Beauty Space how best to revitalize your wedding-day-ready complexion and find a skin care regime designed for your skin type.
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Wedding dress. Tick. Florist. Tick. Caterer. Tick.

As you frantically ticks things off the to-do list that has been stored at the back of your mind for the past 12 months, one thing we urge you not to forget about is your skin. Countless times we have had to contend with brides that were gravely disappointed with the way their professional make-up turned out on their wedding day and more often than not, it comes down to how well you look after the skin you were blessed with leading up to the big day. Richie Angelo Co-Owner of Made Beauty Space in Melbourne’s East shares her wholesome approach to beauty and bridal skin preps.

Question: How does our environment and lifestyle affect our skin?

Answer: Environmental changes and lifestyle affects how our skin behaves and creates changes/issues in our skin. Seasonal changes can bring on dryness, dehydration and uneven skin tone. Lifestyle plays a huge factor, as skin will often show signs of what it is going on internally due to stress, diet and hormones.

Q: Why is it important to adopt a daily skin care regime?

A: 80% of results come from home care and products you use daily. So it is really important to be consistent with your skin regime to keep your skin in check and prevent premature ageing.

Q: How do I find the perfect skin regime for my skin type and lifestyle?

A: My approach is pretty simple and pared back. My philosophy is ‘Less is More.’ Our skin is our largest detoxification organ and I believe that the more you put on your skin the less it breathes and functions. Also like most people, I don’t have much time (I have 2 young children) so a simple and easy skin regime using key products works best for me. And trying to have a balanced diet and stress free lifestyle is key.

Q: Are there any benefits of using a toner?

A: I am not a big fan of toners, as they usually contain alcohol, which is quite drying for your skin. I do however love hydrating mist or sprays, especially ones that contain rose water. They are wonderful to use before you apply your serum/moisturiser to increase absorption on your skin (think of using a dry kitchen sponge compared to a damp one) They are great to spray after you have applied your make-up, to help it set and glow. Also to keep your skin hydrated throughout day, especially if you work in heating/cooling all day.

Q: What pre-wedding day skin advice would you give to our brides?

A: To achieve a flawless and blemish free complexion before the I do’s, establish a routine of regular monthly facials and a solid home care regime 3-6 months before the wedding. Although topical products are key, the way to ensure your skin stays supple, healthy and fresh is through nutrition and supplements.

Hydrate skin from the inside out with Omega rich foods such as nuts, olives, avocados and tomatoes. Also our biggest advice for bride-to-be’s is to keep your immune system strong by taking a daily dose of Vitamin C.

I recommend the Lypospheric Vit C which is a huge dose of 1000mg, stimulating collagen from the inside out and also supporting the body from feeling fatigued… so no pre-wedding burnout!

Q: How do you achieve healthy skin long-term?

A: By regular skin treatments and making sure you are using the correct products at home as the seasons change and as you age/go through life stages (you don’t have the same skin in your late twenties as you did when you were in your teens). Protecting your skin from the sun is a MUST!

Having a good balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, lots of water and sleep and being happy…. Happy people glow!

Q: What beauty products should we be incorporating in to our daily skin care routine?

A: Making sure you are cleaning your skin properly, so I always recommend that clients do a double cleanse at night. First cleanse removes make-up/ SPF and daily grime and the second cleanse cleans your skin.

SPF daily is MUST! No exceptions!

Use serums under your moisturiser, as these are the products that do the work. They are finer textures than moisturisers, which absorbs deeper into the skin. Carry your skincare all the way to your décolletage, as this tends to be forgotten and always shows signs of ageing.

Monday 30th November 2015