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Platter Arrangements To Top Off The Menu

Sunday 11th February 2018
A traditional cheese platter makes for a moorish prologue to the main meal. But it’s also a popular alternative or addition to dessert that can be served with fresh fruit and an assortment of nuts. Ideal for grazing tables and dessert bars, colourful platters add an interesting sensory detail to the overall styling of your celebration.
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Cheese Platter

Cheese platters have long been a staple of dinner parties and soirées and are an easy way to add a little sophistication to the table. We often associate cheese as being a novel treat – there are so many varieties on offer that its exciting when you get to taste a type of cheese you may have never tried before. Channeling this sense of indulgence into your wedding menu will again help to create more lavish dining ambience, one that your guests can engage in casually as they chat amongst their friends and family. No matter if it’s creamy like camembert or sharp like cheddar, cheese helps to cleanse the palette, it aids in digestion and it tastes just so damn good. Even after the heart warming, grin-inducing sweetness of dessert, there’s nothing quite like a slice of cheese to put to the cherry on top of a beautiful evening. If you’re a serious cheese lover, you can enjoy a cheese tower either on its own or as part of a lush grazing table filled with accompaniments of all kinds. Whilst a traditional cheese tower tends to channel a rustic vibe, decorated with fresh figs, berries and florals, they can also be customised to suit your unique aesthetic. Effortlessly cool, cheese towers are a unique and beautiful way to finish off the evenings celebrations.

Antipasto Board

For a traditional Italian-inspired entrée, the inclusion of an antipasto platter in your menu is a must. Quality cold cut meats and a selection of cheeses serve as an excellent starter option and are easy to manage as guests walk around the room, mingling. We love a combination of salty and sweet flavours, like pastrami served with ricotta and honey or dried apricots and pepperoni. Farewell fiancé tip: Display the crackers on the edges of the cheese board or in an accessible position that’s easy to reach without sabotaging the surrounding foods. If you are serving olives, ensure that they are pitted so that you don’t end up with the awkward predicament of pip disposal. Great creative with your antipasto platter – have a variety of flavours on offer and always have a spot dedicated for the obligatory pile of dark chocolate pieces!

Bring On The Fruit

A sweet element is essential to balance out the flavours of the platter. Subtle flavours like pear and berries are ideal accompaniments and hold their shape well, making them easier to present. Try slicing the pears then dehydrating them for a unique variation of fruit chips. Having a mix of both fresh and dried fruits, served both whole and sliced, will contribute to the visual spectrum of colour and texture whilst enhancing the flavours on the platter. Opt for dried fruits like dates, apricots and sliced mango which retain their sweetness and have a fuller, denser texture. Take advantage of fresh produce in season at the time of your celebration. Whether you’re creating the platter yourself or having it catered, shopping locally and in season will allow you to create something that is more affordable and flavourful. Summer berries, cherries and stone fruit have a beautiful visual appeal and vibrant flavour. Winter and Spring are prime times to experiment with grapefruit, oranges and mandarins, which add a beautiful pop of colour to the platter. For an autumn celebration, stick to pears, peaches, quinces and apples, and experiment with complementary sides like cinnamon dip and Medjool dates.

Sunday 11th February 2018