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Raise The Bar On Your Grooming Routine

Tuesday 12th December 2017
Good things take time. The same can be said for the health of your hair and skin, so it's important to have a solid grooming routine in the lead up to your wedding (and beyond.) Above all else, remember to keep it simple, consistent, and unique to your own skin and hair concerns.
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Facial Attraction

Looking after your skin is an individualised process that varies from person to person depending on your unique skin concerns. A truism that relates to all types however is that ‘skin loves consistency.’ This is why having a thoughtful skin care regime is so important if you want to manage and bolster the health of your skin in the lead up to your big day. The first step to creating an effective routine is to identify your skin type and the areas that may require extra attention. This might be dryness, blemishes, irritation or hyper-pigmentation, all of which are common skin concerns among men. Consult a dermatologist if you feel you need a second opinion to address any persistent or recurring issues. They might prescribe a particular treatment or cream to target this area, and offer some advice regarding any cosmetic products or treatments that may be right for you. In any case, simplicity is key. Opt for a gentle cleanser with a balanced pH to help refresh the surface of your skin on a daily basis. You don’t need to go mad with this routine – it is more important to develop an attention to your skin and what it needs. Your body has a way of telling you if something is internally unbalanced, and it’s usually communicated through the state of your skin. If it feels dry or lack-lustre, apply some moisturiser or a light rejuvenating serum. If it feels oily and congested, prioritise cleansing and consider following up with an alcohol-free toner. This will help to balance the skin without stripping the natural, beneficial oils that keep the skin hydrated. You can apply the toner directly onto the face or dispense a few drops into your hands, rub your palms together to activate the product, then dab gently onto the skin. An astringent toner may cause a stinging discomfort so avoid applying to freshly shaven or irritable skin. The same goes for exfoliation. The skin is made up of several layers of cells that are continually being repaired and replaced. You can facilitate this renewal process by removing any dead skin cells from the surface of your face and body through the use of either a physical or chemical exfoliant. Physical exfoliants tend to be popular among men because of the gritty texture that feels as though the product is literally ‘scrubbing’ the dirt away. Despite the temptation to ‘scrub’ your face clean, be sure to apply the exfoliant with a light hand to prevent causing any unwanted stress to the skin. This is a simple component of any skin regime that you can do approximately once a week.

It’s fair to say that Instagram has paved the way for men to use facial masks and feel perfectly good about it. From charcoal masks to ones that puff up like fairy floss, the rise of novelty products has at the very least drawn some attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy skin profile. Charcoal masks are particularly popular perhaps due to the fact that they are more likely to have an immediate outcome – you spread on the mask, wait till it dries, then peel it off along with any impurities that have been extracted in the process. ‘Well that did the trick,’ he thinks to himself. Consider it a type of warpaint that prepares your skin for battle. Clay masks also posses detoxifying qualities that draw out anything that might be congesting the pores, helping to clear up the skin through repeated use. They may be fun to use, but have realistic expectations – you may not have glowing results after just one application – like any ‘detox,’ it gets worse before it gets better! It is a good idea to begin your regimen well in advance of your wedding day to maximise the time you have to get your skin looking radiant.

farewell fiancé picks: Super Clean Face Wash by Perricone; Buckler’s Overnight Recovery Cream; B & Tea Balancing Toner by Aesop; Gentle Facial Buffing Cream by Sisley Paris; Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Face Serum by Rohr Remedy; Daily Face Fuel by Hunter Lab.

Sun Defence

Possibly the most crucial element of skin health is the regular application of sun protection on the face and neck area (and the shoulders, legs, and lips – not to miss any of the other important areas!) We might believe that we’re invincible, and perhaps you find it unnecessary to wear sunscreen so religiously, but it is ultimately the foundation of good skin health. As the largest organ of the body, skin has a great surface area and is almost always on permanent display to the elements. Good quality sun protection will give you piece of mind that there is at least a rudimentary barrier between your body and the harsh UV rays of the sun. This will allow the skin to address to the areas that need attention, repairing and restoring cell health, without having to battle the additional problems associated with sun exposure. The damaging effects of hyper sun exposure usually take time before they are visibly evidenced by the health of your skin – perhaps this is why it is often difficult for individuals to prioritise sun protection in their grooming routine. However, given the fact that sun exposure accelerates the ageing process at such a significant rate, sun protection is an important aspect to consider as you begin to pay more attention to the state of your skin both present and future. To make things simple, opt for a gentle moisturiser that has a good SPF protection rating and combine these two primary skin care steps into one. Reapply throughout the day as required, and don’t forget to cleanse at the end of the day to wash off any residual product.

farewell fiancé picks: SPF30 Face Moisturiser by Malin + Goetz; Mega-Defense Advanced Daily UV Defender SPF 45 by Origins.

Hair Care

Before your wedding day you will want to treat your hair to a fresh cut and whatever else it needs to look its best. This is something that should be done a few days before the wedding, leaving you enough time to adjust and get comfortable with any changes to your usual look. Rather than leaving it to the last minute entirely, you can start by ensuring that you have a good rapport with your regular hairdresser, assuming you have a good hairdresser to begin with! It is crucial that you feel comfortable and secure with your haircare professional, that he or she has come to know and your hair and understand your unique preferences. As with skin care, your hair care regimen will largely depend on your personal hair concerns and natural hair type. You can enrich your hair in the lead up to the wedding by giving it that bit of extra attention – use serums and oils to target any concerns, and wash regularly, but not too regularly. It’s a good keep in mind that your hair is essentially made up of ‘dead’ cells, so any treatment or product will really only enhance the ‘appearance’ of the hair rather than the strands themselves, unless of course you are using specialised treatments for things like scalp care and stimulated hair growth. Consider giving your scalp a regular massage to stimulate the follicles and assist in the even distribution of natural oils. Not only does this boost your grooming game but it’s incredibly relaxing technique that can help you to unwind and settle the mind.

farewell fiancé picks: Birch Bark Daily Shampoo by Wise, Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment by Aesop.

Tuesday 12th December 2017