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Relaxed and Organic

Wednesday 6th September 2017
She escapes the crowd, chasing the soft beauty that comes from a love of the simple things. She’s a relaxed kind; a gentlewoman.
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The word ‘organic’ is something that we have come to associate with turmeric lattes and almond butter, and we’re not complaining. But the essence of something that we might call ‘organic’ revolves around its simplicity and purity – the fact that it is untouched and alluringly natural. Simplicity in a world of chaos is undoubtedly refreshing, so we are drawn to the simple things that life has to offer. The creaminess of satin or the richness of silk, there’s an unspoken beauty to fabrics that speak for themselves. This mood board marries romance and elegance with an airy and feminine tone for the bride who wishes to keep things relaxed and simple.

If you’re looking for a wedding dress that’s earthy but also pared back and minimal, opt for a loose silhouette that simply caresses the body. The goal is not to accentuate nor hide the wearer’s curves, but rather to elongate the silhouette – revealing one focus of the body and hiding another – capturing an effortless mystery. We love a low back detail on a wedding dress as a way of creating a feminine statement without distracting from the overall relaxed and understated vibe. Revealing bare aspects of the skin like this will enhance the natural element of your look, especially if you’ve managed to achieve the desirable pre-wedding, sun-kissed glow. Silks and satins contrast beautifully against the texture of natural skin and have a way of falling so effortlessly against the frame of the wearer. Pair these subdued tones with a relaxed hairstyle like a bun or braid to complete the look.

She’s a relaxed kind; a gentlewoman.

Floaty layers in soft textiles like georgette and chiffon lend themselves to a great deal of movement which is an essential quality of this ethereal and airy aesthetic. The key to creating a look that is relaxed and organic is to let the natural elements play and interact with the gown as it wills. The wind catches the tiers in a dance of sweet and spontaneous gesture whilst the sun’s daring rays warm up the gown, gleaming through the layers of fabric. This romance between the natural environment and the gown itself captures a sense of simplicity that translates to the overall look of the bride on her wedding day (and makes for an incredible array of inspired photographs).

Raw beauty is about nature and simplicity. It allows the gown to be defined by the wearer, not the other way around. The woman should feel as though she is at one with her surroundings, knowing and trusting that the dress will move in harmony with her body, capturing the undeniable elegance of her feminine features. Inherently minimal in aesthetic, this organic and ethereal look can be woven into the other style elements of your wedding day, like the decor and floristry. As with your bridal look, the decor should be uncomplicated and reflect elements of texture, airiness, and a soft colour palette. Nude and ivory tones can be accented with modest colours like blush and terracotta to create a cohesive colour story. Aerial florals and foliage create the illusion of weightlessness whilst cement and timber maintain a certain industrial-earthiness that helps to balance the look. Incorporate other strong textural elements into the styling, like ceramics, brass, and linen.

Wednesday 6th September 2017