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Sequinned Wedding Dresses To Get The Party Started

Monday 8th January 2018
Where there are sequins a party will surely follow. Sequinned dresses make a glamorous statement and an incredible alternative to a traditional white wedding gown. We know them to be fun and loud, but just like almost any fashion statement you can pare the look back and experiment with more delicate variations. The silly season is upon us and we’re expecting this trend to continue on through the summer of weddings, right on through to the fall.
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What comes to mind when you imagine a sequinned dress is the textural focus that brings a unique level of dimension. A sequinned dress catches the light, reflecting the many individual sequins stitched together to form a garment that resembles fun and festivity. Think of it as a disco ball or kaleidoscope of sorts, both of which create a cosmic vibe and an atmosphere for otherworldly experiences. You are the life of the party, the one who brings a necessary element flamboyance, urging others to kick off their shoes and get up on the dance floor. We picture a moon-lit first dance, a cocktail fountain, food trucks, and other funky festivities to complete the wedding experience. And you don’t have to go for a head-to-toe sequinned gown to pull of this dramatic look either – you can easily go for something with hints of flowy fabrication or alternative silhouettes like a sequinned mini dress for your reception celebration. Cropped wedding separates and toppers also present the opportunity to introduce some sequinned features into your wedding look in a way that’s subtle (yet every bit still a party). Go modern and minimal with translucent layers and a hint of delicate sequins for a softer, more ethereal take on this bridal trend.

Perhaps it’s a look that you imagine being worn solely on the catwalk or the red carpet; a glamorous occasion. A sequinned dress is for the bride who relishes in the opportunity for a ‘fashion moment’ on her big day. Not to detract from the significance and meaning of the occasion, but with all the photos and videos being captured, it’s no wonder you want to seize the opportunity to look and feel (absolutely) fabulous. We are loving the styling inspiration floating around on Pinterest lately, opening up our minds to the possible accessories and florals to choose around such a statement gown. Australian natives and woody foliage create the perfect assemblage to balance to the charisma of the dress. Whether your dress is all bling, or fairly minimal with mere suggestions of sequins, a foliage bouquet has an earthy appeal that will help to add a sense of neutrality to the look, making it easier to coordinate with the groomsmen’s outfits. Of course you can inject colour by inserting more bold and moody hues into the mix – deep reds and purple add depth and sophistication.

With sequinned or shimmery dresses, it’s wise to opt for a shape wear undergarment that will help to smooth any body lines and keep the dress the star of the show. Increase comfortability by choosing a figure-forming slip that matches the silhouette of your gown. You might also like to consider how your hairstyle may interact with the fabrication of the embellished dress. Low back dresses often lend themselves to loose hair-down styles and solves the issue of your hair getting caught in the sequinned fabric. This may not be a problem for the dress you have chosen but nonetheless it’s a good idea to trial your hairstyle-dress combination before the big day so that any adjustments can be made in advance.

Monday 8th January 2018