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Signature Cocktails

Saturday 7th November 2015
A signature cocktail or specially concocted beverage is a personal culinary touch to express your individuality as a couple and keep your guests occupied between formalities. We can’t think of a more delicious way to celebrate love.
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What you serve your guests on your wedding day says a lot about your personality. Thankfully, gone are the days when your level of sobriety was dependent on whether the blended margarita machine was operating and your favourite past time was collecting cocktail umbrellas and drinking from swizzle straws. Now, given the opportunity to become your very own mixologist, signature cocktails are a wonderful way to celebrate, equal parts delicious and grown up.

Whether it’s a perfect Manhattan with a cherry and twist or a dry martini with olives one thing is for certain, presentation is key. Accompany your beverage with sliders or finger food, experiment with mason jars, floral ice cubes or garnish your sweet sip with fresh herbs. Earn extra brownie points with your guests by creating a clever name for your signature cocktail that encapsulates the day. Lee George from Melbourne boutique catering company Bursaria says “choosing something for the guests on arrival like the signature cocktail is really popular. For spring, it might be pomegranate or grapefruit that really sets the tone for the event.”

The culinary genius’ at Bursaria share with us their delicious spring-inspired signature cocktail. Salute!

Sparkling citrus twist

A twist on the classic champagne cocktail and the French 75… brides are loving a mix of gin, lemon, sugar and bitters topped with Shadowfax Wines, Macedon Ranges Cuvee, served in elegant champagne coupes. Tastes amazing, refreshing and the perfect prop for cool wedding pics.


3 drops bitters

1 sugar cube

30ml Tanqueray gin

Squeeze of fresh lemon

120ml chilled sparkling wine

Drop bitters onto sugar cube; let soak in. Place sugar cube in a champagne coupe. Add gin and a squeeze of lemon and top with chilled sparkling wine. Garnish with a twist of citrus.


Photo: Apartment 34 / Erin Hiemstra

Saturday 7th November 2015