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Signature Separates to Mix and Match

Tuesday 31st July 2018
Separates are built for mixing and matching. They spur creativity and allow you to create a look that’s truly individualised and perfect for your body shape. Whilst a two piece wedding ensemble might appear more casual than a typical bridal gown, we’re here to take you through a range of signature separates that are all class and elegance (and a touch of comfort). From dramatic trains to simple silhouettes, separates are made for the modern bride.
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There is an illusion of ‘ease’ when wearing a dress. It floats around, the hems of the skirt gently touching the floor as you take each step forward. But when it comes to shopping for the dress, it can be a little difficult to find one with the exact proportions suited to your unique body shape. Of course, we recommend opting for a couture gown, or having the off-the-rack dress altered to your specific dimensions. But if it’s ease that you’re searching for, there’s no simpler option than going for a two piece ensemble that allows you to select size-specific separates. And the beauty of it all – you might be inclined to wear the pieces again!

Crop comfort

The way we see it, there are two distinct ways to wear a two piece – embrace the separates as individual statements, or blend them together to create the illusion of a single garment. Either way, separates create a great deal of flexibility, allowing you create your dream outfit or silhouette if it doesn’t already exist as a dress. A recent trend that has swept across the bridal world is the combination of a statement crop top and a flowing skirt. We’ve seen this look channeled by prominent designers like Rime Arodaky, Mira Zwillinger, Suzanne Harward and Zahavi Ttshuba, whose looks capture the relaxed yet regal spirit of today’s modern gentlewoman. We’ve also fallen in love with the silhouette of a statement crop and a sheath skirt for a romantically urban aesthetic. Not to mention, this combination accentuates the waist and embraces the natural curves of the body. Try a sheath skirt that features a small train detail at the back, just to add a healthy does of glamour.

Lovely Lace

On to a little lace appreciation. This fabric may be quaint and classic but it is radically transformed when worn as bridal separates, making for a look that is effortlessly contemporary. The blend of form and texture makes this fabric incredibly easy to wear whilst maintaining the visual appeal of intricacy and detail. The wearer feels feminine, enveloped in this delicate fabric, and free to dance as she pleases. There’s something inherently free spirited about wearing a lace crop with a matching skirt. Paired with a no-fuss hairstyle like romantic waves or a messy braid, this ensemble is ideal for beach lovers and barefoot wanderers.

Alternative combinations

If you’ve opted for the latter way of wearing bridal separates, then you’re looking for a combination that will work seamlessly together, creating the appearance of one cohesive garment. We recommend choosing pieces from the same collection so as to keep the colour palette and fabrics complementary. Play around with layers and proportions to create your desired silhouette – you may wish to tuck the top into the skirt to cinch the waist or leave it untucked for a more art-deco inspired look, depending on the length and style of the top. We love how this Lela Rose tunic from the Spring 2017 collection has been styled to complement a pair of simple, straight leg trousers. Needless to say this silhouette is somewhat reminiscent of a jumpsuit, chic and fashion-forward yet incredibly easy to wear.

Tuesday 31st July 2018