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Staying Present During Your Engagement Season

Friday 6th October 2017
The months, weeks, and days of your engagement define a distinct period of joy and gratitude. Of course there are significant things to plan and at some point this feeling of bliss has to turn into action, but generally speaking it’s a period unlike others, where an awareness of the present is just as valuable as the anticipation and excitement that comes with it. Above all, it’s a precious time of vulnerability and celebration, and so it’s important to stop and take a second to let the title of your engagement sink in before you say ‘farewell fiancé, hello marriage!'
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The moment of the proposal may have passed, but the magic of it lingers. Navigating your engagement season might seem a stressful task of endless decision making and unexpected obstacles. While this assumption might hold some elements of truth, we’re here to remind you of the greater picture in focus – the transition from one season to another. As with any transitional season in life, we can expect to experience the uprising of paradoxical feelings, namely excitement and apprehension. In other words, our overwhelming sense of expectation for this new season in life is coupled with the pragmatic reminder that you’re crossing thresholds into a new and unfamiliar territory. This is exciting in itself – change is fundamental and necessary for growth – but it can also be a little intimidating. Staying present and ‘in the moment’ can help you to remain content, thankful and focused on the beauty of this season.


Mindfulness is an incredibly helpful every day practice that you can use at any point in life but particularly during times of great change or heightened emotions. It involves an acknowledgement of the present by honing you attention on a single point of focus (the breath is a common example) and returning to this focus point each time your mind faces a distraction. Like any muscle, exercising this technique may help you to strengthen your ability to manage your attention, calm your mind and tackle your wedding planning with more ease (yes please!) Our contemporary world is a busy place – there are a myriad of distractions that pull focus and cause our minds to race at a hundred miles an hour. In an attempt to enjoy the engagement season to its fullest, you might regularly allot some personal time for quiet reflection or creative expression to alleviate some of these distractions and pour more attention into the areas that matter most.

Quality Time

Engagement. It’s a period or length of time that varies from couple to couple – there is no perfect or right way to be engaged – and whilst some wait nine months for their wedding day to roll around the corner, others wait just two or three. In such a case, the period of engagement can feel like it’s gone in a flash and before you’ve even become accustomed to the word fiancé, you’re now saying ‘husband’ or ‘wife.’ It’s important to spend as much time as you can simply soaking in the reality of being a fiancé. Yes there’s planning to do and logistics to be discussed, but it should be a priority for engaged couples to take time away from their planning to just enjoy the company of one another. Whether it’s making the conscious effort to eat dinner at the table with nothing but music filling the room, or going for regular walks together to get a dose of fresh air, it’s the intentional time spent together that can help bring perspective to the engagement season. Of course every situation is different and their are varying expressions of quality time, nonetheless it’s important to set intentions and ensure that you’re making the most of the word fiancé as much you can!

Friday 6th October 2017