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Stylish Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Thursday 4th May 2017
Choosing a gift for someone requires a spoonful of sentiment and a mountain of creativity. But when you’re about to buy gifts for the entirety of your wedding guests, it’s fair to say that ‘thought and creativity’ may be running a little dry. Wedding favours are an opportunity to honour all the people who will be dancing and celebrating with you on one of the most unforgettable days of your life. Here are a few wedding favour ideas to help you give them a gift that’s just as unforgettable.
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Two birds with one stone 

Here’s the chance to make your decor more interactive, by opting for wedding favours that double as aesthetic elements in the overall tablescape. Small plants and succulents are a great way to create a botanical themed decor arrangement that invites your guests to take a piece of the wedding home with them. Attach a name tag to each pot using a piece of string or affix it to an upright toothpick in a flag-like manner. This way your guests will know just where they’re sitting and what plant belongs to them. Try to offer a variety a different plants and pots so that your guests can have fun swapping with their neighbours.

Ceramics have been popping up all over the place – it seems to be a wedding decor trend that we’re in no hurry to get rid of! The beauty of ceramic detailing lies in the understated charm and raw texture that makes you feel as though each piece is truly unique. Everyone loves a good ceramic cup that they can use for a multiplicity of purposes – to drink tea, to serve sweet treats, to plant their favourite herb, or to display on its own. Why not give each guest a simple ceramic cup, spoon, or saucer, something that they’ll want to use time and time again. Not to mention it will channel a gorgeous luxe, minimal vibe that perfectly complements any wedding decor of that general theme.

A touch more personal

It’s fair to say that not all of us have the time to individually personalise our guests’ wedding favours – nope, a general gift will just have to do. Thankfully, there are a bunch of crafty companies that are willing to do it for you. One wedding favour idea that is gorgeous and incredibly practical, personalised wine glasses with the guests name and wedding details such as the couples names and wedding date. Or perhaps little wine charms that your guests will just love. Not only do they add a quirky touch to your wedding but it’s something that your guests will enjoy keeping in their handbag or glovebox for when a spontaneous party strikes.

Personalised drink coasters cut from stone or crystal add a beautiful styling touch to the table while allowing guests to mark their territory and be sure they’re drinking from the right glass!

Candles and soaps are always great ideas when it comes to wedding favours. How you choose to package or present them is completely up to you. Rather than affixing your guest’s name to the gift, you can make it personalised by opting for a particular flavour or fragrance that you know they’ll love. This attention to detail will make your guests love their gift just that little bit more.

A night of fun

Why not use your wedding favours as a way of getting your guests involved in all the fun your night has to offer. We’ve seen brides gift mini musical instruments like maracas and tambourines to their guests, presenting them in a casual way in the corner of the room that requires guests to get up and dance. Or why not pass around a polaroid camera during the night and offer your guests to go wild – they can take home whatever photos they like!

Pass it on

Branching out from strictly material items, your guests will love a gift that urges them to pass on the love and joy that they’ve experienced at your wedding. Whether it’s a satchel of seeds that they can plant and nurture in their garden, or an invitation to donate to a charity of your choice, your guests will be undoubtedly touched by your uniquely thoughtful approach to gift giving.


Thursday 4th May 2017