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The Basket Bag: A Classic Honeymoon Companion

Tuesday 23rd January 2018
You may have noticed the return of one of the most popular accessories of the 70’s - the basket bag. But beyond the unique aesthetic of wearing a basket as a street style accessory, the relaxed basket bag had an iconic beach-inspired vibe that makes it the perfect item to take on a summer honeymoon vacation.
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The basket bag is really having a moment right now and we’re definitely on board. They’re not just a great addition to any street style wardrobe, but they’re the perfect accompaniment for a summer honeymoon. Typically when you’re travelling you want to cut back on unnecessary items and perhaps double up the uses of the items you have packed along for the ride. Day to night pieces are a must, clearing room in the bag for other more sturdy items and making it a whole lot easier to be spontaneous with your outfits whilst on vacation. Here’s hoping this trend sticks around for quite sometime because we’re just loving how many quirky varieties there are out there that perfectly transition an outfit from the beach to the bar.

The Tote

A traditional Birkin-inspired basket bag is ideally made of wicker, so it’s structured and not the easiest thing to pack. Even Jane herself had trouble packing her basket bag into the overhead locker on a trip once, an incident that was observed by Hermes (who happened to be on the same flight) and later channeled into one of his designs – the ‘Birkin’ bag. Like Jane, we all face the temptation to pack an item in the suitcase because of aesthetic rather than function. So we recommend opting for loosely structured or malleable basket bags that you can either squish into your luggage or fill up with on-flight necessities and use as hand luggage. A large tote is great for this purpose and is an ideal ‘throw everything into the black hole that is my tote bag’ kind of accessory. We love this one by Folk and Fortune because it’s large enough to hold just about anything you’ll need for a trip to the beach or a day of adventuring in a new city. For a more statement option to take with you to the farmer’s market or out on a shopping date, this two-tone ‘Ticao Bag’ by ABACÁ should do the trick. But there are a range of smaller basket bags that also fit the brief and can carry a look from the beach straight to the nearest cafe (or burrito stand!) Of course you can also raid the local op-shop to find a vintage piece if you want to channel the trend as it was back in the day.

The Clutch

If you’re more of a ‘one bag fits all’ kinda gal, then you may not have experienced just how much fun you can have playing around with clutch accessories and outfit combinations. But when you’re on your honeymoon, the clutch purse is one item that you’ll want to bring along with you. If you’re staying in a major tourist town or city then you’re likely to be adventuring and partying close to where you will be staying. This means that you will have minimal handbag essentials for a night on the town – lipstick, phone, a few bobby pins, keys, perfume and that’s about it! So a small woven clutch is a fun, laid-back accessory and an ideal companion to almost any summer honeymoon outfit. The ‘Ark Clutch’ by Cult Gaia is an iconic piece that has made its way around the blog-sphere, inspiring vacation wardrobes far and wide. Made from quality bamboo, this structured clutch fits few items but packs a style punch that’s well worth carrying around. Plus the magnetic fastening means that you don’t have to worry about your items falling out of this seemingly porous bag. When packing this bag in your suitcase, fit it with small items that you wish to keep protected. Wrap perfumes and other fragile items in singular socks for insulation, then fit into your clutch for a clever use of space. Place the clutch in a dust bag to keep it well looked after.

We’re the first to admit that we love when a bag can double as both a clutch and a cross body for those times that you just want to be carrying absolutely nothing in your hands. The ‘Small Circle Tote’ by Catzorange is a neutral piece that is minimal in design and therefore an easy accompaniment to your honeymoon wardrobe. It’s also easy to pack in your suitcase and will fold in nicely alongside your airy blouses and summer dresses. Again, pack this bag inside a protective dust bag to avoid any marks or transfer onto the lightly-coloured surface.

The Cross-body

Few sensations capture the essence of holiday freedom than to be strolling about with nothing in your hands! It’s effortless and carefree and it means that you’re got the opportunity to fully engage with the exciting world around you. Small structured bags like this one from Free People offers just enough room to put all your on-the-go essentials. The clear lining of this ‘Carmen Straw Tote’ also offers a protective layer to ensure that your items don’t fall out each time you open the clasp. It’s a good idea to carry a small drawstring bag with you in your purse to help to provide some level of organisation since there are no compartments or pockets. Alternatively, you can opt for something a little less structured, like the ‘Petite Alice Woven Bag’ from Clare V, which can be worn as both a handbag and cross-body. This bay is a  convenient size particularly for casual trips to the beach when all you need is a bottle of water, sun lotion and a good book.

The Bucket Bag

Vintage meets modern, the bucket bag has an iconic silhouette that’s seen all over the streets of fashion week. It’s cool and effortless and elevates any honeymoon look, day or night. The ‘Moreau Bucket Bag’ by Staud has a unique, basket inspired aesthetic but is actually crafted using macrame techniques. The leather structure is undeniably sophisticated and translates well into a more elegant setting like a restaurant or theatre performance. For a more everyday option, the ‘Praia Basket’ by Little Doe is probably the closest on our list to the iconic basket bag that Jane Birkin had constantly by her side. It’s rigid in structure yet relaxed in aesthetic, making it a great companion for honeymoon travellers who are willing to carry it around on the flight.

The Backpack

There’s a beautiful sense of nolstagia that comes with wearing a backpack. It’s like the fact that you’re not holding anything in your hands means that there’s still a little ‘childhood’ left in you. Well that’s exactly the kind of fun and freedom that you want to experience on your honeymoon. A backpack is a great travelling companion and we’re swooning over this quirky one by Posse. Pair this piece with with a loose linen shirt or jumpsuit and a wide brimmed hat for a chic honeymoon look.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018