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Top 10 Wedding Songs

Friday 4th March 2016
Like the soundtrack to a motion picture, the sound of your event will set the mood for the whole day. Music accentuates and cements particularly significant moments and all those tiny little insignificant ones that are worth remembering too. With that said, we've decided to ring in the weekend with the perfect playlist, featuring songs that have been hand selected by Australian wedding entertainment Baker Boys Band.
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“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair. . .” – Susan Polis Schutz

Nothing beats the robust tempo of an acoustic guitar accompanied by the deep hum drum of a brass melody. Sweet renditions of well-celebrated songs performed live create a truly euphoric atmosphere, building rapport with your guests and forming an ineffably intimate setting.  There is a candid simplicity when the sound of a wooden instrument is extracted from the background noise all around you.

While hiring a band for your wedding day is a seemingly stock-standard task, there are some questions you should clear up with your band before the big day. We sought advice from one of the country’s most beloved party bands, Baker Boys Band. Notorious for their impenetrable high energy performances and vibrant mix of old-school rock, jazz and rich rhythmic latin/afro-cuban music, the Baker Boys Band have put together a fail-safe playlist that each and every one of your guests will love.

How do I ensure that all my favourite songs are played at my wedding?

Your band will want to know what your song preferences are to help plan the best possible night for you and your guests. You can either give your band a general list of music genres or you can provide a list of ‘Must Play’ songs or ‘Do Not Play’ songs. We recommend to couples we work with to keep their list brief. Include the really, really important songs to you and your partner or your best friends.

What questions should you ask your wedding band before the big day?

The most important thing to ensure right before your big day is that your selected band has the final schedule with all of the timings. This list should include meal times, speeches and the first dance, as well as any music preferences you have. Also, be sure that your band has been given the accurate pronunciation of names before they announce them during the reception.

Every crowd is different, and if we feel like certain songs are not connecting with the crowd we need the flexibility to change path if necessary – the most important thing is that you all have an amazing night.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?

Sometimes it requires a change of pace. There are always the fail-safe classics that are irresistible when there is an open dance floor in front of you. If it is a particularly dance-shy crowd, sometimes its just best to be direct and say, “Attention! We need every man, woman and child on the dance floor, stat!”

Do you provide lighting design, wireless mics for the ceremony?

We can provide lighting, atmosphere and sound equipment to cater to all entertainment aspects, no matter the size of the wedding or venue. Depending on the entertainment you choose, you might also get to take advantage of their industry connections. Sourcing extras separately can often be quite expensive. Ask whether your band can MC for you on the day.

farewell fiancé tip: Not interested in hiring a band? Start building your own playlist and D.I.Y DJ your wedding. You will need to arrange music for the following categories: the ceremony – prelude music, music for the bridesmaids’ processional, music for the bride’s processional and recessional music and, the reception – entrance song, first dance, father/daughter dance, dinner music and dance floor music toward the end of the night.

Baker Boys Band – Top 10 Wedding Floor Fillers

1. Stay With Me by Sam Smith
2. Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon
3. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
4. Wake Me Up by Avicii
5. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson
6. No Diggity by Backstreet
7. Proud Mary by Tina Turner
8. Footloose by Kenny Loggins
9. Pony by Genuine
10. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Friday 4th March 2016